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First of all, I am overjoyed at the amount of support you all gave me. Over 3500 answers for a questionnaire that I fully expected to get 200 of, you're all really cool and I would give you all high fives if I could. I had to rework my project quite a bit because of the overwhelming amount of answers, but now I have a (shortened) version of my final paper for all you anime aficionados. Again, I really cannot over-stress how much I appreciate each and every one of you.

Enjoy some statistics, and an imgur album (hopefully I did it right) of a few graphs for you to enjoy if words aren't your favorite.

Short Summation of Data:

Out of the 3,522 respondents to the questionnaire, a total of 82.8% (2,953) said that they considered themselves to be “a part of the anime community”. 65.2% (2,298) of people said that they would be comfortable publicly admitting that they were part of such a community.

Surprisingly enough, 12.2% (430) of respondents were female. 2% either responded as other or abstained from answering the question, and 85.5% (3,013) were men. The surprising factor was the number of women, a percentage that far overshot previous assumptions of online communities.

Age ranges broke no new ground, 55.2% (1,943) of people were between 18 and 24. Age ranges sub-18 slightly outnumbered 25 to 31 with 21.6% (760) and 17.9% (623) respectively.

81.3% (2,863) of individuals grew up with their birth parents, and 11% (386) of people grew up with their birth mother, but only 1.7% of people grew up with their birth father, a statistic I personally cannot explain but can only attribute it to common divorce laws and childhood preferences. Regardless, a combined 78.4% feels that their relationship with their parents was either positive or highly positive.


Anime seems to be viewed as a childlike or pornographic thing by many individuals outside of the community, with 7.7 and 2.6 percent of people (50 and 17 respectively) who answered no (643 total) to being a part of the community commenting such things. 13% (89) of these people said that their reason for not choosing to be a part of the community was that they viewed the community as cringey and creepy, citing certain individuals as embarrassing to themselves and reputationally disgusting. The largest and most understandable reason for people to not feel comfortable publicly admitting their inclusion in anime culture in the stigma that it still has. Over half of individuals, at 52.2% (336) cited stigma and a weariness of environmental or cultural repercussions as their main source of fear.



I would like A) a wholesome, comedy anime recommendation to cheer me up (I have seen a lot, so something not super well known would be awesome)

Also B) would love to discuss Clannad so I can collect my thoughts about that utterly amazing show

*EDIT: 1) wow I'm like famous or whatever now I guess 2) thank you all for your recommendations 3)if you're considering watching clannad, please do! And don't spoil it for yourself! Most importantly, for tax 4) if you liked clannad, some similar animes that I have seen: Violet Evergarden, Fruits Basket, Your lie in April


I really enjoyed watching Baccano and now Banana Fish. Find it so interesting...the time period when there were gangs or in general late 19th century and 2000s. So I hope you have some good anime for me. Thanks!


Would love to get some anime suggestions similiar to any one of my favorite animes (in no particular order) •Rascal does not dream of bunny girl senpai •Oregairu •Classroom of the elite •Cowboy Bebop •Assassination Classroom


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I binged all the way through the anime and then read the full manga immediately after, and now I’m already out of 7ds content :( any suggestions of an anime similar to this show in adventure, magic, fantasy, epic battles, OP characters, friendships and love ????

For reference I’ve already seen and really liked: FMA, HxH, assassination classroom, Mob Psycho, Evangelion, AoT, Demon Slayer, JoJo, Kill la Kill, and Promised Neverland!

I tried to watch BnHA and didn’t love it lol, any and all suggestions are greatly appreciated!!!!


(The full name is Shimoneta to Iu Gainen ga Sonzai Shinai Taikutsu na Sekai). Some reviews are saying that the show isn't that good, but others are saying that it is. So I'm curious, is it worth the watch? Should I also watch the dub for it?

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Looking for an anime focused on realistic ww2/ww1 anime and the main focus of the anime is the actual war itself and the people whome fight in it.


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