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Black Clover Weekly Free Talk Thread!
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Purple Orca Captain
2 hours ago
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Hi first off this post has no conclusion I just want to talk about this series since I have no real friends to talk about this lol

I have finished binge watching the series and honestly I love it so much. People say its a rip off of so many series and its low tier, but I don't really care. I see it has awesome fights and many moral values. I don't get how Tabata can create so many likeable characters. I love everybody in the Black Bulls. I can't choose my favourite but its probably Gordon. I don't find him annoying. I would date him in real or at least be friends with him lol he's so cute but still mysterious (since I'm not reading the manga)

I don't really get Luck's background. I find others' backstories make more sense, e.g. Finral's hobby is to pursue girls since he lacks affection from his parents and brother. Gordon can't make friends because his family's business is curse magic. But Luck, is he basically a psycopath who made his mom upset because he doesn't have any other emotion than smiling? He seems to be calling his mom a lot then why didn't he just fake some emotions like angry or sad etc.

Magna is hot without glasses lol and he is the most normal Black Bulls member I guess, I don't know if he has any unhealthy habit?

At first I shipped Noelle and Asta but I find her a bit annoying and can't take hint. If I recall correctly Asta has mentioned his crush on Sister Lily to Noelle before, but why did she still think she is the one Asta talked about with Rebecca? I agree to some comments on gogoanime I read that most often her crush on Asta is actually about herself (self-centered). Unless she isnt tsundere anymore and really cares about Asta, I think Asta is better off with Mimosa. Sister Lily is too old I guess (11 years gap?)

Without having to look at black clover fandoms I'm sure many people loves Charmy. I am actually more interested in her sheeps lol. I have never seen sheeps as cute as hers. I hope the anime festival I'm attending next week sells some of the merch that involves her sheeps. Have you guys ever seen Charmy's sheep as plushies? Do you know where to get it?

This series has really really amazing OP and ED now I have more to listen to. I discovered Miyuna from this series. If you all like Gamushara and Tenjou Tenge, I recommend Guruguru song I found from stalking her youtube channel :

Also OP 9 first scene makes me sad a bit lol Licht and Tetia's failed wedding

My favorite moment is when Noelle succeeds in making the sea dragon's lair (?) thing for delivering her squad to underwater temple. Seeing the squad cheering for her along the beach brought me tears and this is a real scene for me. Its ironic that sometimes strangers can treat u better than ur own family. I also like when Finral, Vanessa, and Asta fought Vetto. Its not boring for me. I love Finral's hand gestures, he looks like controlling a traffic jam or leading an orchestra lol. I cry a lot in the first few arcs till I have no more tears left for when Julius died fighting Patry.

Tell me what is your fav moment/character in the comments. I hope to see more Gordon in the future.

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Black Bull
9 hours ago
Posted by
Azure Deer
20 hours ago
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Idk it just seems like he’s completely useless in most fights. I’m currently mid way through the water temple arc and he’s getting obliterated by Vhetto. It doesn’t seem as if he’s getting stronger either, he literally trains 24/7, way more than anyone else, so he can improve his physical strength but that does nothing to powerful magic users. The only “power up” he’s received is a second sword that literally is no different from the sword he already had except the fact it can borrow magic. Except he doesn’t even use the borrowed magic ability, I’ve only seen it twice, once during 1st dungeon arc and 2nd during child abduction arc.


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