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Can you smell that? Fresh air, an autumn zephyr that makes you want to just hit Pause for a moment. It’s damn near enough to wash away the fetid stench of a monthslong meme assault (a stink still emanating from the below-the-fold squabbles, but nevermind that for now). The r/China AQI was just way, way up there, but I’d say that it’s finally back below 150, so now we’re only unhealthy for sensitive groups. We have the new moderators to thank for that: u/AONomad, u/vilekangaree, and u/komnemos. They’ve been massively helpful for enforcing regulatory compliance and, now, for overhauling our regulations. To that end, we’re updating the r/China Rules to codify and clarify the changes that you may be noticing already.

The Rules
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Reddit’s Content Policy (a reminder)

You can review the Content Policy here. We want to highlight three points: posting/commenting behavior that (1) threatens, harasses, or bullies; (2) encourages or incites violence; or (3) is personal and confidential information is totally unacceptable at r/China.

We have a no-tolerance policy here. If you’re doxxing, threatening to dox someone, or advocating for violence against a single person or a whole group of people, you will be banned. We hope to root out harassment already through our Rule# 1, but please note that we have a Snoo-granted mandate to do some righteous weeding and pruning now and then.

Some Clarification

If you’re familiar with the history of Chinese Culture Revolution, you must have heard that Chinese people have not only destroyed lots of valuable culture relics, but also the trust and relationships between friends and inside families. They reported and censored each other to show their loyalty to the Party or protect themselves. The students reported the teacher because he said “Mao was once wrong”. The children reported their father because he criticized the Party during the dinner time. People who got reported would be sent to jail for years or simply beaten to death. You can’t literally trust anyone, including your family members and closest friends. The reporting was boosted by the Party, so people are encouraged to forget those history even now, because the Party doesn’t want to show its flaw and lose its control.

“Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it.” Since Xi Jinping became president, the Party started strengthening the censorship to a new level. It cracked down lots of pro-democracy users on Chinese social media. It punished many media that dare criticized the Party earlier. But the Internet is just too difficult to censor, so besides keeping promoting the toxic nationalism on Internet, CCP started, again, encouraging people to report other people’s “false thoughts” or “false speech”. Most people dislike the idea and are frightened. But the reporting doesn’t need many supporters to work. The trust between classmates will be destroyed even if there’re only two anonymous reporters in the class. At the beginning the reporting only stayed online. The nationalists (little pinky) would humiliate you online and doxxing you and your family if you posted something against China on Weibo. As the government and state media began to interact with the online reporters, the aftermath of the reporting soon went into real life. The companies and universities were afraid of the punishment from CCP, so they would fire the employee who posted “something inappropriate” as soon as possible when they got enough reports. The loyal little pinkies now know how powerful they can be. They’re not satisfied with merely online reporting anymore and would like to call the police or the employer to request them punishing the “bad guy”.

As we all know, the Chinese nationalists have many red lines. You can’t say “China and Taiwan”, because Taiwan belongs to China, as well as Tibet and Hong Kong. You can’t say you support Hong Kong because they’re all thugs. Since more and more Chinese go to study aboard, they’re binging the mentality with them. They will stand up and correct the professor if the professor expresses something against CCP. Yesterday I saw an example from a post (Link: A Chinese girl, who studies in Newcastle University in England, was very angry about her professor saying “most westerners don’t think Tibet belongs to China”. She posted on Douban, a Chinese social media, to ask if it’s possible to report the professor. This case is not the first one that Chinese students try to censor the western Universities, and won't be the last one. In Australia it already happened a lot:

People in the West may have a chance to protect themselves from the reporting, but people from mainland China are not so lucky. Since the Hong Kong protest was getting increasingly harsh in last few days, some people in China couldn’t endure the toxic propaganda from CCP anymore and chose to speak out. They didn’t do it publicly, but only posted in their WeChat group or WeChat Moment, which only group members or their WeChat contacts can see. Unsurprisingly, someone in the same WeChat group or their contacts took a screenshot of their speech quickly and posted on Weibo. Thanks to the little pinkies who have many followers, their speech soon went viral. Niujie (牛杰), a professor from Nanchang Hangkong University (南昌航空大学), who defended HK protesters in his WeChat group, will be “punished severely” (严肃处理) according to the announcement from the university.(Link: Luxiaoyi (陆晓奕), a mainlander who’s studying in Hong Kong, who supported HK protesters in WeChat Moment, got humiliated online and would be probably in trouble if he goes back to mainland China.(Link:

If you’re from mainland China, or living in mainland China, or visit mainland China frequently, please be careful if you want to post something not pro-China. Weibo is not safe. WeChat is also not safe. Maybe one of your friends doesn’t like you or simply envy you, he could use your speech to hurt you and your family, even your children which are not born yet. If your “betrayal” got recorded by the government, your children’s chance of working and studying could be restricted. CCP is very proud of its effective collective punishment.

I want to repeat this import message: Do NOT post anything political on Chinese social media. Do NOT trust WeChat. You can register an anonymous account on Reddit and use a VPN if you want to discuss something about China.

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