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This thread is for the discussion of local cricket matches, performances, and results from around the world.

If you played a game on the weekend let us know how you went, or share the results of a local cricket match from your area. No skill level or grade requirement, it's all for the love of the game.

Also a place to discuss cricket tactics, techniques, strategies, and general advice for improving your skills.

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Tim Wigmore writes for The Daily Telegraph, and has previously been published with The Economist, various ESPN sites including ESPNcricinfo, and The New York Times.

Freddie Wilde is an analyst and columnist with the cricket data company Cricviz. He has written for ESPNcricinfo, Hindustan Times, Cricbuzz, and The Independent. He is an analyst for the Melbourne Renegades in the BBL, the Oval Invincibles in The Hundred, among other teams.

Their new book Cricket 2.0: Inside the T20 Revolution, is their answer to the myriad questions that sprung up in their many conversations about cricket's newest format.

In their own words: "Over the last couple of years, we have interviewed more than 50 players, coaches and administrators involved in T20 in search of answers about everything from the art and science of batting and bowling in T20, where matches are won and lost, how T20 has democratised the game, how the West Indies built a T20 dynasty, and what the future will hold. This book is the result."

I am currently midway through the book, and I highly recommend it.

It charts beautifully the course of T20 cricket, starting from the cluelessness of the first professional T20 game in England, through the fearlessness of Brendon McCullum that kickstarted the IPL, the sheer impact of Chris Gayle, the scarcely-believable genius of AB, right to the proliferation of domestic leagues around the globe.

It mixes this with a keen analytical look, peppered with detailed stats nuggets, at how the compressed format has changed the grammar of the game, although it outwardly looks the same. How risk-taking has been redefined, how spinners have trumped the early cries of their demise, and how fast bowling is a nuanced but thankless art.

Also covered is the rise of BCCI as the cricketing epicentre of the world, the magic of the West Indies in the shortest format, the way T20 spreads cricket to corners yet untouched, and predictions for the future of cricket.

If you thought of T20 as cricket, this book forces a rethink: it prises apart conventions and cliches and investigates the innermost dynamics of T20, as well its historical evolution. It gives T20 the status of a different game altogether, and sets a benchmark for how to study it, think about it, and talk about it.

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This happened not 15 minutes ago, so I had to share!

I didn't actually bump into her, I walked past her on my way to an exam for uni. She gave me a great big smile!

I don't think she knew who I was though. Ha.

I would have tried to go up and talk to her since she was just standing against a wall, chatting to her teammates, but ultimately decided against it.

There seemed to be an unusually high amount of photographers / camera crews so I asked someone and they said they were shooting a commercial. Sadly it was not a match.

Here's a photo, apologies for the distance.

Hope you enjoyed my story.

P.S. I failed the exam.

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It's one of my pet peeves about cricket really. Why is a man who is on record admitting to fixing matches as the captain of his country treated the same way as former legends? He's frequently present at several cricketing occasions, studio shows, and in commentary boxes, he's also often talked about in conversations about the greats or all time XIs by cricket blogs like espncricinfo and cricbuzz. You don't see Hansie Cronje or even Amir getting the same respite. He was a great batsman sure, but imo, no fixer should be accepted back into the cricket world.


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