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Hello DMAcademy!

This will be the third (and likely final) sticky post pertaining to the Wiki update. So far, we've collected Beginner & Intermediate topic suggestions and begun overhauling the Wiki's organization.

As of next week, the Wiki will house Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced topics with blogs, videos and tools for improving your skills and a Library where users can browse all our compiled resources.

This instalment is aimed at collecting Advanced Topics from you. For you experienced Dungeon Masters, what topics do you find hardest to grasp? What topics do you feel you may never perfect? What DM skills require the largest foundation, and what resources have you found to help in your efforts?


I have a 6 month old group where we meet every week to play for about 7 hours. ( I know I'm lucky, plus they're all pretty great players) Anyways one has always expressed interest in being a DM but she always laughs it off saying "Oh no I couldn't it's probably way to difficult for me" My response to whenever I hear that is "If you ever want to DM and think you want to, then you should. Plain and simple"

I needed a break I reached out and told her I'd like her to DM and gave her anything she needed. Books, advice and how to find her niche.

Always do this as the world needs more DMs. Cheers

EDIT: I see some people comments that say they finally DMed for their family or friends and they didn't seem very interested after awhile. My advice is looking online and finding people near you who expressed my interest in being players. Undoubtedly finding strangers will usually be more committed because they're seeking you out. And second don't be scared to turn a player away if their expectations for the game aren't what you want it to be. Find your niche and find the players that want to play in it. Cheers again


... and I immediately regret this decision. What have I done? They got it during the last session and didn't pull a card yet... But god, I am afraid of whats to come.

They bought it in a magic shop. I had the actual prop at home and thought it would be a good idea to introduce the players to it. I don't think it was.

I'm a fairly new DM and they are mostly new players at level 3 in a heavily homebrewed version of Lost Mines Of Phandelver. And tips on how to handle this?

EDIT: Holy Natural 1, this blew up! Never expected so many responses. I'm gonna do my best to get through all of them.

My favorite ideas are either making it a more gimmicke-thing like the Deck Of MINI Things or it being stolen and they track down the thief.

I've also been throwing ideas around in my head like the patron of my groups warlock wants it for himself... Open for any opinions about that.


Howdy all,

I'm running SKT and the Hill Giants are a big feature so far. They are all about eating. My party has some young kids so I don't want them biting off pieces of the players, but I thought it would be funny and challenging to be lifted and swallowed whole.

What I have so far -Player fails a grapple -Giant takes an attack to swallow leaving player in its mouth -Giant uses concentration to maintain this grapple from now on -Giant uses another attack next round to swallow -Player in stomach takes acid damage

Anyone else got any additions or subtractions to that process?


He’s the Emperor of a country called the Moaran Empire, or Moara by the Moarans. The country is essentially the Holy Roman Empire.

Part of their religion is the violent purging of “lesser races” ei, non humans/dwarves/elves. Also the disintegration of other religions and cults.

He’s lived for 600 years, and he’s human. His aged is owed to his divine connection to the gods. The Moaran gods are fragments of a single ultra powerful god named Zodius. During the god’s ancient battle with the Aboleth’s he was wounded by the greatest among them, and so he fragmented himself into hundreds of gods to preserve his divinity.

From him, the entire Roman pantheon is descended, but their all flavored to be Catholic aesthetic.

I was wondering what could make him insanely powerful and scary, and the only thing I could come up with is that he has all the Paladin oaths, or at least access to all their abilities with his oath being “Oath of Dominion” an oath to be the embodiment of the god’s will on the material plane, and to enact their will. He’s essentially a Demi-god.

My goal is for when the party eventually settles what’s going wrong in their country, and become the leaders of it, he’s going to mount a full scale invasion, taking advantage of their weakened state.

Ah, he also bears the title, “The Eternal Emperor”

Anyone else have any ideas as to what I should do?

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Basically what the title says. After three years of playing D&D rules (we played a different setting before), every time a battle starts I still have to answer my players‘ questions about the most basic rules. Like „If I move, do I still have an action?“ or „How do I roll a DEX saver again?“. I have even laminated a super easy summary of exactly those basic rules from the PHB, which nobody ever bothers to read. Honestly, I am getting increasingly frustrated.

Is this a common problem among DMs? Do you guys have „learning resistant“ players as well? If so, how do you guys handle this?


Before I say anything, I would just like to say that I have a rule for my players when I DM: If you want it in my game/world, I will find a way to make it possible. I try to not exclude ANY official or semiofficial (UA, Matt Mercer Homebrew, and other source book that aren’t necessarily from WotC) content from my worlds when I am beginning a campaign.

I am a shill for roleplay heavy games, and that’s how I DM every game I run. I know that not all players like this, i have had personal friends that i have come to mutual agreements with to not play D&D with because they either want a more combat-focused game or they want to always play joke characters (which i hate, though i do understand their place). My favorite part of session 0, or maybe you could consider this world building, is talking with my players about their characters and making sure they’re excited to begin the adventure. The problem, though, lies in the fact that I too, want to be excited for their characters, because I feel as though their story is at least partially my own as well as theirs.

I find myself somewhat pushing my players and nudging them in certain directions during character creation when I feel their initial idea is a little too simple or complex, doesn’t fit the setting very well, or that i feel they will become bored of the character after a while. Does anyone else do anything like this? Am I just a bad DM?


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