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This week at Bungie, a celebration is coming to a close.

We’re entering the final stretch of Festival of the Lost. Eva Levante has been dishing out treats for weeks, but she’s got a final trick up her sleeve. We won’t spoil the fun, though. That’s for you to discover on your own.

If you haven’t collected all of your masks or completed your Triumphs, you have until the reset on Tuesday, November 19 to fill out your collection. Momentum Control will be available through the end of the event, so if you’re looking to round out your Jade Rabbit catalyst, get to it. Momentum will be on rotation again in the future, so stay tuned for announcements.

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Throughout the event, we’ve been sharing our favorite Guardian costumes. Here’s a quick roundup of the fun. If you have any last-minute submissions in hopes of earning the Levante Prize emblem, be sure to submit your costume to the Creations page on

The Pumpkin Nightmare

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Destiny’s community is large and varied. Everyone is a little different in terms of how they defeat the Darkness. We have heard a lot of stories over the years about conquering challenges, meeting new friends, and the various ways that Destiny has touched your lives. We’d like to hear more! This isn’t a contest. It’s a way for us to get to know you better, and to hear about the kinds of in-game moments that have made the largest impact on you.

So if you’re up to it, share your most memorable moments of Destiny – anything that made you feel:

  • A sense of tremendous achievement

  • A sense of belonging

  • Devastated or heartbroken

  • Utter domination

  • A human connection

  • Like laughing until you cried

  • The moment you knew you loved this game!

Thank you for being such an amazing community. We look forward to hearing more of your stories.


There's a lot of discussion going on about the state of loot in the game, and one of the common refrains I see is that we need additional kinds of loot. New world drops, a vendor refresh, et cetera. However, Bungie is very open about being resource limited in how many drops they can design, which means any new loot comes with a slew of opportunity costs. How can Bungie's developers best spend their time?

First, let's talk about weapons. During Year 2, legendary weapons were divided into two broad groups: fixed pinnacle weapons and random rolls. Unfortunately with Year 3, Bungie has decided they don't have the resources to create Pinnacle weapons anymore, and have instead focused on random rolls. In my experience, this has been a negative development. I would much rather log on to chase a pinnacle weapon, or enjoy using a gun that is unique and fun, such as Loaded Question, during normal play. For Season of the Undying, we got 4 Vex Offensive weapons, 2 season pass weapons, and 3 "ritual" weapons. (We also got a large slew of weapons in Shadowkeep, but it's unclear to me whether large expansion items are developed on the same timeline as seasonal items.) Be honest with yourself. How many of those Vex Mind Components have you actually used? I'd be much happier with 3 guns that are unique than 6-9 that are largely re-hashing pre-existing archetypes.

Now, let's talk about armor. I personally like a lot of the changes in armor 2.0, but any armor that drops with stats below 55 is an instant shard. The armor that drops from non-pinnacle sources is usually poorly rolled, which means vendor drops, world drops, and seasonal drops are going to be rarely used. Raid and IB armor are what most people will end up wearing if they're chasing stats, outside of the rare and lucky godroll on some other piece. Most armor is designed to be irrelevant in the current loot paradigm.

Rather than Bungie's designers spending valuable resources for armor sets that are irrelevant by design, I'd love for non-pinnacle armor resources to go towards attractive, activity specific armor pieces. Yes, I'm asking for strike specific loot, like we had in RoI. I don't care about my twenty-thousandth Substitutional Alloy Hood with stat total of 48, but damn if I won't grind out content for a god roll on something like the Devouring Maw.

**Tl;dr--**I think Bungie should concentrate resources on more unique weapons and activity specific armor, rather than spread resources around on weapons that are built to be liquidated. Thank you for coming to my Toland Talk.


This is a little bit of a rant. Like the title says last night I ran my 102nd clear of Scourge of the Past without getting Anarchy to drop. I've sherpa'd numerous people through this raid and have seen many Anarchys drop just not for me. Some have gotten on their first clear and have gotten many more since! I should have this gun by now. Its ridiculous!

We NEED RNG protection for raid exotics that aren't quest related. I really wouldn't mind exotics being RNG if we had the protections since I know I'm gonna run the raid a ton anyway. I would actually prefer that to the quest related exotics like Divinity, but either would be fine with me.

Its just a stinker for me because I'm a triumph hunter and I enjoy doing hard content. Anarchy would make some things easier like the solo flawless of the Pit which I had to do without the weapon.

All I'm saying is ya know 102 is a lot of raids and this shouldn't happen. How many runs have YOU completed without a raid exotic dropping? I'd like to see whos got it worse because I'm sure you're out there.

Edit: My raid report

Thanks to my clan of Dads and for the people who keep running this with me every week! Maybe one day I'll get it.

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Hello Guardians,

This topic has been added to Bungie Plz.
Going forward, all posts suggesting this change will be removed and redirected to this Megathread.

Submitted by: u/damage-fkn-inc

Date approved: 11/14/19

Modmail Discussion:

u/damage-fkn-inc: "Why it should be added: Right now, Sleeper and just linear fusions in general just barely out-DPS a legendary sniper, and they don't even make up for it by having large ammo reserves that could give high total damage either. The quest to obtain Sleeper is one of the biggest grinds in the game, and the catalyst is extremely brutal too, this is a way longer grind than most other catalysts in the game which only require a few hundred kills with the weapon itself.

"If someone actually goes through all this effort of obtaining that gun, they should be rewarded with something amazing, not just a weapon that takes the exotic and heavy slot, and just barely outdoes a legendary sniper with triple tap.

"Sleeper also has almost the exact same DPS and total damage output as a legendary linear fusion rifle, which again makes little sense considering how much work it is to get the weapon and masterwork it, and of course again taking the exotic slot.

"My proposition for a buff would be keeping the current bodyshot damage the same, but giving legendary LFRs a 25-30% buff to precision damage, and Sleeper itself a 40-45% buff to precision damage.

"This would give Sleeper less DPS but more total damage when spending all reserves than the current top dogs in Whisper and Izanagi's, giving it some little niche to occupy. It would also make it a more forgiving option, with Whisper and Izanagi's massively rewarding precision aiming for higher DPS, and sleeper being more forgiving for people with inconsistent aim that can still hang in the upper end of damage in raids and other high-level PvE activities."

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Hello Guardians,

This topic has been added to Bungie Plz.
Going forward, all posts suggesting this change will be removed and redirected to this Megathread.

Submitted by: u/Gravexmind

Date approved: 11/13/19

Modmail Discussion:

u/Gravexmind: "Why it should be added: A reoccurring suggestion that's creating both positive and negative discussion surrounding Xur, cosmetic items, Eververse, etc. It would be a good way to make exotic ornaments obtainable."

Examples given: 1, 2, 3

Criteria Used:

"...3 examples (with links) of recent submissions (with at least 1 being over 5 days old), that have been well received (hundreds of upvotes on the front page of the sub - ex. 300+ upvotes)."

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I wanted to recreate the armor shader system through the api and found out that shaders actually use 6 colors, not 4 colors like the icon shows. Shaders also have an additional three colors dedicated to the WearMaterial, which is basically the grime or chipped paint color. Not only that, but it turns out that armor and weapons have different color palettes despite using the same shader (because armor shaders use cloth materials which don't translate to weapons). A big example of this is the Descendant Vex shader which has a patina effect for armors, but a green vex metal for weapons.

I have screenshots of the recreated system that I made here. All of this was done in Blender2.8.

Edit: i wanted to add a picture of what the color palettes look like. This is for the calus's Selected shader (sorry for the link size. Im on mobile and i'll change it when i get to my pc)


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