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I am so scared over this I still can’t sleep.

I decided to do lyft as a side hustle and around 4:00 am this morning it was time for me to take people to work and for them to start their day. A side note: I never believed this whole matrix thing or parallel universe but this is mildly alarming to me.

I took these passengers to Phoenix and we were saying how I could literally just finish up after that ride and go home since I lived just 5 minutes west of them. I dropped them off I vividly remember looking at my compass on the digital screen of my car and proceeded west on the road I’ve taken literally hundreds of times. I can see the highrises and sky scrapers. The city I love so much and I remember admiring it because the city looked so pretty under the cold dark November sky. I was with cars following light traffic, a white Nissan was in front of me.

I took a glance at my speed to make sure I was following the speed limit and I shit you not when I looked up less than A second later I was in a rural part where Scottsdale meets Mesa. No buildings. No houses. No street lights or cars it was a desolate space with NO BODY. I was so so caught off guard I looked at my compass and I was driving east and I tried to logically debunk it but I couldn’t. I then had to look up directions for my home because I had no idea where I was. I remember feeling this vibe and the closest thing I can describe it was of pending doom, I did not feel comfortable at all. Here’s where it gets freaky: when going west I go on Thomas and I was on Thomas because my passengers were on Thomas. But when I looked up I was then on McDowell and Pima. Pima and McDowell is 20 minutes from where I live. How did I get 20 minutes away in a nano second in the opposite direction on a different road. I found a freeway and it took the full 20 minutes to be where I was before that freaky shift.

I am so confused and I don’t know what it means. I ended lyft early today and I still am so shaken up. Has anyone experienced this? What does it mean?


Okay, this one is kinda hard to explain.

So, due to both fortunate and unfortunate circumstances, I have had to get two major surgeries this year. Each time I was put to sleep. Each time a few things changed.

The first time, I worked at Burger King before going under. You know before they put you under, they talk with you to try and calm you down. They asked me where I work before I went under. I said "Burger King" and that's the last thing I remember. I wake up and I go home and a few weeks later I go to work... at Taco Bell.

The next surgery, the same thing happens. I get ready to go under and they ask me where I work. Taco Bell, I guess. I wake up, go home, and a few weeks later I again go back to work. But I work at Burger King again. The thing is, the Taco Bell and the Burger King were in the same building and I distinctly remember how to make both the Taco Bell and Burger King food.

I seriously don't understand what has happened.


I’m not sure if this belongs here but it was strange. One of my friends wanted to ride an hour out of town for a tattoo so 3 of us made the trip. As we approached the shop I saw a Hardee’s right next door. I was really hungry so I yelled out “Hardee’s!” And they both looked up and saw it too. The sign was worn a bit but we all read Hardee’s. We decided on Hardee’s since it was right next door to the shop and we could just walk there. While our one friend was getting the tattoo, my other friend and I went to get us all food from Hardee’s. We walked outside only to see a busy Pizza Hut where we were sure there was a Hardee’s. Same building, just with new Pizza Hut signs. It was the only restaurant next to the shop. We looked at each other both dumbfounded as to what happened to the “Hardee’s” we swore we just saw and decided on eating not even 10 minutes prior. The only burger place close by was Burger King and it was past an intersection so we just walked there instead. The whole time we ate we were trying to figure out what just happened. We were looking up where the closest Hardee’s was and it was miles up the road. None of us were under the influence of anything. This happened about a month ago but I still get freaked out thinking about the incidence since the 3 of us were sure of what we saw.


This happened around 4 days ago. We had a infestation of fruit flies or vinegar flies, whatever they are, and I deep cleaned my kitchen trying to get rid of them. You know if you have these gnat like flies in your kitchen, they are hard to get rid of. I made a trip to our local hardware store to get some fly traps. I bought a package of the fake fruit, apple looking things that you fill with vinegar to lure them in. There were two of these things in the package. I placed one, on my sink, next to the faucet, and the other on my vintage bread box. I was walking by my sink, and I glanced over and just looked at that trap. Here is where it gets weird. That trap, looked like it was either rocking back and forth rapidly or vibrating. My first thought was it was "rocking". I stopped and looked closer at it, and I swear, this is what I saw. The top of it looked like squares of white light and black, and the squares were moving around! It looked like old school computer pixels! I was looking at the movement that it was making and the weird pixilation, and it suddenly turned back to completely normal! I was standing there wondering what the hell that was, and suddenly just chalked it up to my eyes playing a trick on me, when it starting moving and pixelating again! It then stopped after around three seconds. Hasn't done it since. I have read stories on here before, where people swear they have seen something similar involving objects a nd people's faces. I never thought it would happen to me.


It's my first glitch and i can't explain it !

It's happened a few nigths ago, my boyfriend suddenly woke me up at 1am because "It's so fucking weird outside !!". In a first time I ignored him and I tried to go back to sleep but an explosion convince me to see what happend outside (yeah a real explosion, the floor and the walls have little shaked).

So, I decided to go downstairs and I joined my boyfriend at the window and I saw a huge column of smoked on the other side of La Seine.

We could smelled of rubber and oil burned, we could heared the sound of firefighters and police sirens, the sound of a person giving instructions with a voice amplifier and littlles explosions that my boyfriend confuse with shots (in the beginning). We were not the alone to watch this scene because two neighbors been also in their windows and don't undestanded what happen. After few minutes I decided to go back sleep because I work the next day and I said to myself to I can check twitter or look at news about that incident the next day.

BUT when i woke up I could not find any information on this fire... Anything in Twitter, Facebook, news or Snapchat... A friend have ask is father (who is a firefighter in this sector) if something had happened this nigth, but his answer was "no, nothing" and yet the next day we could still smells rubber and the smell of smoke.

Still now we do not have any information, but I'm pretty sure of one thing : the fire happened in a petroleum handling. It's a story so frustrating for me!

I'm sorry if it's not clear, english not my first language


A few days ago, I was at the grocery store and wanted something to drink, so I yanked open the soft drink cooler and grabbed a cherry coke, then glanced at the Fanta oranges. I distinctly remember looking back down at the cherry coke in my hand and thinking about how good it was going to be before putting it in the cart.

Except what was in the cart was a Fanta orange and not my cherry coke. I never touched the orange fanta so it was unlikely I had just grabbed it by accident. It’s not anything spectacular, sorry, but it was weird.


So today in my Forces of Nature class, I was listening to my music on my wireless earbuds, and my teacher told me to put them away. So I put the earbuds back in the case, tossed them in my bag, zipped it up. Earbuds are safely tucked away in my bag, right? I bring my head up and I see my earbud case sitting on my desk. I distinctly remember putting my earbuds in my backpack. Am I going crazy?


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