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We've seen a recent uptick in people wanting to leave the US for political reasons. That's fine, but remember that this subreddit is to help people move to a different country, not to discuss politics. There are other places for that.

A few good rules of thumb:

  • Try to minimize political content and focus on asking for/receiving immigration tips

  • If someone disagrees with your political views, don't flame them

  • Don't feed the trolls

  • Report rule violations and message the mods

Feel free to discuss below, just please try to treat each other with respect.

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In the interest of ensuring that we generate the most accurate responses, we're adding a special flair for "Top Contributors". These are redditors that we feel are some of the best elements of our community.


We've noticed a problem going around in a number of posts. We have a large community, and a number of people in this community really know what they are talking about. The problem comes from reality not being ideal, and the majority not liking reality. We've noticed well written, accurate comments with sources that are being downvoted. In the same vein, inaccurate comments based on what some wish were true keep being upvoted.

This flair attempts to give more credibility to those who strive to be accurate. As much as I wish linking sources were enough, sometimes a small marker that says "THIS PERSON KNOWS THINGS" can be just as helpful. Note: The Top Contributor Flair isn't an all caps "THIS PERSON KNOWS THINGS", it just says "Top Contributor".


Our plan is to roll this out with a nomination system. If you notice a redditor who is consistently being awesome on this sub, with accurate thoughtful comments that link sources, message the mods with the redditor's username, and links to at least three comments where they are being awesome.


  • You can't nominate yourself.

  • Mods will make the final decision on who to give this flair to.

Anything else? I wanted to say I'm making this post because changing anything is a great way to get people up in arms. This is a small change that we're implementing to try to solve one problem.


My partner is from Montreal and we're planning to move there. The spouse route is the most accessible route for us. We both live in the UK at the moment.

I'm a European with limited French, but I do meet all the criteria for the application.

For those who have done it (or are currently doing it): how did it go for you and how difficult or easy/straightforward was it? Is it worth paying an agency to help? I'm not too bothered by the long waiting time (+12 months), but I worry that the background checks (especially family ones) will be long and complicated (people in my family don't speak English or French).



I have a degree in biology from a good public US university. I worked for an esteemed environmental group for four years before leaving my position to take time and travel.

Abroad, I’ve spent my free time teaching myself graphic design as that’s the career I’d like to pivot to. I’m self taught to avoid the hefty fees of going back to school.

Friends that I’ve met on the road from AUS and EU suggested I look into universities there as it would be a fraction of the cost as the US and provide international experience.

Is this possible or plausible? Could I really circumvent the outrageous costs of college in the US? Are there loopholes I should consider?

TLDR- US looking to move to AUS or EU for University to get international experience and avoid huge college debt.


(M23) Hoping to move to Melbourne on a working holiday visa in about March, I am worried of having to panic to get a job when I'm there; how possible/easy is it to arrange a job before I arrive? I have a degree in English but have been struggling to find any jobs relevant in Wales. I would not mind working in a bar or office, as I have experience in both of those fields. I have heard stories of people going over without a job arranged and having to leave early due to lack of fund. Any advice would be great. Thank you.


The better half and I are out! Saving for at least a year abroad, primarily in Spain for all the cured meats and climbing. And Spanish, which we should learn anyways. Plan is to depart in Spring of 2021 - right around the time we’ll know if America has decided to double down on...whatever this is we’ve got going right now. Who knows, maybe this will be permanent.

Problem: New visa requirements mean we would have to spend three months there, then leave for three months, then return, and we don’t want to do that! We don’t plan on being tourists or Gypsies or anything, and are currently exploring educational opportunities for a student visa. We do want to settle in a community for a large part of the year and get to know folks, so we aren’t opposed to jobs at all. But we aren’t looking for careers.

Any advice on pursuing longer-term visas? I’m an attorney, she’s a historian, so I don’t think either of us have very transferable job skills. And we do want a fair amount of freedom with our time, if possible.


Hey i am a 23 year old m currently living in holland i always wanted to move out of holland at some point and i have set a goal to move in 10 years to canada i have looked up serveral places but i dont know what would suit me the best i deffenitly dont wanne go to the french talking part

So do you guys have any tips what else i can look for other then just saving money and applying for jobs in canada

Sorry if there are typos english isnt my first lang


I'm living in Tokyo now, London before that and Melbourne before that for uni. Still I'm finding the idea of moving to New York a bit daunting.

I work as a network engineer for an investment bank, been in the job for a bit over two years. I have a very good salary but I'm not very happy living here so I want to move on.

All up I have 8 years of experience as a network engineer, the majority of which was for one very large IT company. Somehow I've managed all this without a bachelor's degree. I have an associate degree from two years at uni which I should have upgraded to a bachelor's with one more year of study. Unfortunately 20 year old me was sick of eating mi goreng so I got my first job and haven't looked back.

So onto my questions. Has anyone got first hand experience with an E3 visa from work experience? Or work experience mixed with study? I find it rather frustrating that a newly graduated student can tick a box that I can't but I have to live with my choices 🤷‍♂️

Should I look at hiring a company/lawyer to assist with the application? Anyone got one they would recommended?

Anyone in know of financial organisations that are E3 friendly?

Any other advice would be greatly appreciated.


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