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ShitsuMonday returning for another helping of mini questions you have regarding Japanese that may not require an entire submission. These questions can be anything you want as long as it abides by the subreddit rule, so ask away. Even if you don't have any questions to ask, hang around and maybe you can answer someone else's question - or perhaps learn something new!


To answer your first question - ShitsuMonday is a play on the Japanese word for 'question', 質問 (しつもん, shitsumon) and the English word Monday. Of course, feel free to post throughout the week.

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Hi I'm a beginning student of Japanese, I've picked it up on Duolingo. I see there are mixed feelings about Duo on this sub, either way are there any better resources (preferably free and/or cheap) like books, videos, audio that you all would suggest a beginner pick up?? Also and this is just my thing, i think i would pick up a new language alot faster if I listened to their music. Any japanese hip hop heads or rock n roll bands I could check out? What's the conscious Japanese scene like? Lol I dont think a language is just the words, it's a piece of the culture so I am honestly hoping for some music suggestions and resources for learning other than Duolingo.


I know that sometimes Kanji are used to represent countries but I couldn't find a good site that had a complete list or place to look them up. Does anyone know where I can find one?


I took the J-Cat in June after about 2 months of studying just to see what level I could get, and I decided to take it again this week. I thought I'd share a comparison of my results then and now.

June: Listening: 44, Vocabulary: 24, Grammar: 5 (I know, very bad result there), Reading: 27

Total 100

November: Listening: 58, Vocabulary 41, Grammar: 44, Reading: 49

Total 192

So I'd say I'm pretty satisfied with my results here, although it could be better. What do you think?


Hello everybody,

I started learning Japanese a while back, which means I have learned Hiragana and Katakana already (and I'm still practicing every day, I even switched my phone to Japanese and a lot is written in Katakana) and I'm Wani Kani lvl. 3 atm. Now I want to start learning about grammar, how to build sentences, how to have dialogues, etc. with the kanji and vocabulary I'm learning with WaniKani.

Allegedly Genki is a really good book to get started but on Amazon there are quite a few editions and whatnot and I don't really know which book to buy. Could anybody help me out?

Thaaanks ^^


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