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Many people in their late teens or 20’s blow through their money like it’s nothing, rack up obscene amounts of debt, have no savings, and definitely have no investments. It’s so important to start saving and managing your money at a young age. Not only does it give you a head start on life, you won’t be kicking yourself later on in life when you’re stuck dealing with the mistakes you made when you were younger. This means keeping debt to a minimal, saving however much you can every month, and then investing however much you can afford. If you don’t know how, read some books or watch some youtube videos.

Also another pro tip within this one: an initial investment of 30k could be worth roughly 450k in 40 years due to compounding interest. another great reason to start investing and managing money at an early age.

If you’re reading this now and aren’t managing your money correctly, it’s ok you can start now.


Not a lot just an ounce or 2 will do. This keeps the first cup or so from burning while it brews, and flavoring the whole pot, and moderates hot spots in the heating element.

It also slightly dilutes the first cup or so which is usually much stronger if you have sneak-a-cup feature.


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