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Guys, things are about to get Medieval around here. Now, it has long been our policy to be rather forgiving to those who have been around since the beginning, that is about to end.


So, here's the deal, there is not going to be forgiveness anymore.


The following only encompasses Rule 1. Which needs clarification.


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Please ask any questions about the documentary, the case, the people involved, Avery's lawyers etc. in here.

Discuss other questions in earlier threads. Read the first Q&A thread to find out more about our reasoning behind this change.


The state as early of Nov 7th knew the hood to the RAV4 was opened to disconnect the battery.

When they figured the hood was opened and the battery disconnected why not test those mechanical components for DNA at that time?

Obviously the last person(s) operating the vehicle would have opened the hood. Would this not be a better indicator of the last person to have seen Teresa Halbach alive?

Sure, you can argue about Steven's blood found inside, but he could argue he changed a tire for her. And, at this point in time - how could the investigators know Steven acted alone? Maybe he had an accomplice. How could investigators know the accomplice didn't disconnect the battery and by doing so left his 'sweat' DNA on the hood latch? What if Chuck was in on it?

So, again why the wait?

I have my own plausible theories and if you would like to indulge in a nice peaceful discussion please comment.

Thank you, and have a wonderful Sunday!

PS I realize the part of Brendan being the supposed accomplice and that he supposedly confessed after Fassbender told him 'we know he did something under there' etc.... I am looking for answers before his confession!

Edit to add: After reading through Brendan's confession I found where Fassbender brings Brendan into the hood ordeal: " oK. Did he, did he, did he go and look at the engine, did he raise the hood at all or anything like that? To do something to thit car?". So, once again we find those two interrogators suggesting parts of the story to Brendan.


The largest interactive game of clue is still going strong.
People all up in the files, engaged in something they were shown how to feel about in an amazing documentary.
People act angry, make it personal and scream about corruption and no justice.
The evil that lurks in their mind, the danger of poking around and some even act like they believe law enforcement could even be guilty of murder themselves.
I just want to say that if these people actually believe this stuff, and the only thing they do is what most have done, write about it and express the concern they have on places like this is actually pretty frightening.

If you actually believe what you post, think you know and it is as dark as some say it is and then the only action is what has happened in 4 years now this is scary stuff.

What files has anyone tried to get themselves, what measures have been taken to stop the corruption or any sensible act other than point fingers and throw theories around?

This is what we can expect if people ACTUALLY believe in their whole heart these things have happened, are happening and this is the response as a whole it should send shivers down a person's spine.

Some of the allegations by the users on social media and local first-hand knowledge is off the charts at times and after 4 years, not a single other case has been pried open or looked into and all about what they can cobble together from the information they were given.

Bottom line is at some point this is either going to be a passing phase and people will get bored or people will eventually sort themselves out of the true truthers and just the ones playing Clue with real lives.


Per the page of the police report that's been released, on Nov 10th 2005, after they got him talking about a fire somehow, when asked if it would have been on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday, he allowed that it could have been Tuesday but he

Thought it was Wednesday

On Nov 9th, Bobby, threatened about whether he was ever at the burn pit, had reportedly

indicated that on Tuesday or Wednesday, he observed a burning in the area in a pit behind STEVEN's garage.

[Police report then refers to brush and some awkwardly formatted references to tires. Just earlier that day SA had referred to brush and tires]

indicated he believed STEVEN was burning with DASSEY's little brother, BRENDAN.

Back on Nov 6th, Brendan had referred to an idea for a bonfire at SA's on a Thursday, not clear which week due to the leading questions and failure to get a date.

So it seems to me essential, when knowing how suggestible Brendan can be (evidence of that in his Nov 6th interview already), to check for the possibility he was just saying there was a fire and just saying Wednesday (even if it would become an internalized memory, for Monday once they implied they knew there was one Monday)

Yet, basically nothing except some spin by the prosecution


For some time I have considered raising this issue and sharing my thoughts but I have resisted because the truth is all I have is opinion based on a TV programme and case notes. Watching actual videos in the case of BD is helpful in forming an opinion but the expert analysis has shaped my view in that case.

Often theories or more importantly observational assessment of the psychology of a crime runs alongside the other investigatory steps being taken by the police. The motive is not always essential but it helps greatly when one can be identified it helps contextualise the other evidence and creates a narrative for the prosecution.

There is no such thing as a senseless crime.

Over the years criminal psychologists and psychoanalysts have interviewed and engaged with all manner of criminal in an attempt to understand their behaviour. In that time some consistent factors have been identified which are seemingly universal. One such factor is that there is no such thing as a senseless crime. Each act makes sense to the perpetrator. That does not excuse the act but it helps in understanding.

I have heard many suggestions of motive in the case against SA but I can't reconcile the differing narratives.

So I want to ask people here including those who believe he is innocent. If he killed TH why would he do it. What was his motive?

Also can someone reconcile for me a really difficult point. How can this case move from a modus operandi of SA being an totally organised offender, to being a totally disorganised offender and this happening randomly and sporadically. Each action apparently deliberate is contrasted with actions apparently unintentional. Avery's mo previously was totally disorganised and we see aspects of that in this case. Yet the organised aspects of the case are baffling. When you realise their are two offenders you might think ah. That's why two MO's running parallel. There are two signatures here. Is BD some kind off genius or is there something else going on.


The car was found on the 5th, they determined the hood had been opened on the 7th, and the Great Groin Swab Caper took place on the 9th. If they're framing Avery, why wait?


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He served 18 years for a crime he didn't commit. Now he's on the line again, and some want to see him put away for good.

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