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Bad Bant Brews
3 days ago
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  1. Eldrazi Tron: tangrams (Does Eldrazi Tron ever not win these?)

  2. Bant Snow Control: McWinSauce

  3. Oko Jund: altniccolo (Literally Jund with three Okos)

  4. Mono-R Prowess: looknonumbers

  5. Infect: maxxattack (Once Upon a Time)

  6. Grixis Death's Shadow: SoulStrong

  7. Eldrazi Tron: Entman

  8. UW Stoneblade: joker10289

  9. Amulet Titan: TheMansh

  10. Mono-R Prison: Nematic

  11. Sultai Crabvine: OPMegaProEloKoks

  12. 4c Copycat: l4hlborg

  13. Eldrazi Tron: yamakiller

  14. Amulet Titan: rileydk

  15. UW Stoneblade: Lucabireskusku

  16. Eldrazi Tron: fried-liver-attack

  17. Sultai Death's Shadow: orphir

  18. Eldrazi Tron: Numena_Lowallyn

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Link: Modern Constructed League — November 19, 2019


So as the title says, I’m curious to know if amulet titan is some what of a meta call for a strong contender against the various urza decks or is it something that will “always be around in modern” (like jund, tron, burn)

I’m an avid jund player but in the back of my mind I’ve been considering building a “turn 3 deck” for days that I don’t feel like grinding away for resources and amulet titan looks like it could be fun.

I just want know what the community in modern thinks about the staying power of this deck or if it’s just the meta flavor of the month being that moderns meta game is always in cycles of what’s good and what isn’t

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5 hours ago

I feel like our card numbers are almost solidified at this point, but would like to discuss some finer points in an attempt to sharply tune the deck to its max potential.

Here’s a few questions/talking points of mine:

What is our plan vs Big Mana decks?

I’ve been seeing 1-2 Damping Spheres, 1 Disdainful Stroke, and 1 Surgical Extraction in the board of many lists. Is that enough to fight Tron? Damping Spheres are nice vs Amulet but are useless vs Valakut. Is Ashiok an option?

First iterations of the deck included 3 Field of Ruin, which pairs nicely with Surgical, but now I’m seeing lists with only 2 Fields. This makes Surgical, at least in the context of big mana, seem more “cute” than effective.

I’m trying 3 Field in the main, 3 Damping Sphere, 2 Disdainful, and 0 Surgical (even with 3 Field, Surgical seems cute imo) in the side currently. Is the reason players are light on hate for these decks is that they just hope to dodge them? Would love some incite here.

Secondly, the Landbase. Seems like none of us can agree on what is correct here...

I’ve seen:

2-3 Field of Ruin

0-1 Mystic Sanctuary


I was wondering if anyone can explain why Oko has gone up $20+ since the standard banning? I would think people would be trying to dump their copies, which should cause a flooding of the market and it to drop but instead, the price has nearly doubled


Theres a lot of cool new stuff like Brazen Borrower, Lilianas Triumph, Coatl, Veil of Summer and Drown in the Loch. But I dont know what a current list looks like. Is anyone still playing this? I cant really find info on Ftzz or the others who play this deck.

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Mill me daddy
42 minutes ago

I am an idiot and hate winning, so naturally I play mill.

My ideal hand has [[Surgical Extraction]] and some way of dumping a few cards of yours in t1-2, so I can go for a sneaky thoughtsieze for your whole deck.

However, I dont have experience facing a lot of decks across moderns various metas, so against decks Im less experienced with I am never sure what card I am looking to pick out from the grave.

So. Whats your decks spine? What card or cards cripple your deck if removed? When I play against your deck, what card am I hoping is in your top 5 cards?


I'll begin with a quote that I think explains reasonably well what consistent means here:

In general – You will lose to your opponent’s “nut draws”. That is part of playing a deck like this; the power level of your deck is slightly lower than most other decks in the format if they have an ideal draw. Your goal is to be more consistent and take advantage of when your opponent stumbles. That is to say, when your opponent doesn’t have a nut draw, you have just enough interaction and pressure to defeat them. You won’t have too many games that feel like easy victories, but you will get to enjoy a lot of back-and-forth Magic.

(This comes from a blogpost about a cute gruul hatebears deck, you should check it out

So, with that out of the way, I'm wondering if you think this is a quality that even exists in the post london, post once upon a time world we find ourselves in today?

I feel as if though the 'stumble equity' less nutty but more consistent decks enjoyed, has diminished quite a lot, and while it is somewhat recouped in ability to mull for sb hate g2 and 3, mulling still hurts these decks more than a deck like i.e tron with a very clear nut draw.

Do you agree that this is something that has been lost, or am I exaggerating (I don't have a super strong opinion on this)? Did it ever exist, even? I could totally see an argument that not trying to do busted things is the wrong way to play modern.

Perhaps this is just part of modern growing in power as its cardpool expands (for example, legacy seems quite consistent with all the strong cantrips and what not, even pre london, though I could be wholly off base here as I have never played legacy).

(As an aside I'd be quite interested in seeing an official analysis by wizard comparing pre and post london winrates on play, draw, going to 6, 5 etc.)

Anyhow, just curious what you all think!


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