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In our ongoing effort to keep RLBST members safe and combat fraud, the mod team has decided to make a major rule change. Going forward, everyone must use PayPal Goods & Services for all transactions. We will leave who should be responsible for the extra fees up to the deal parties.

We are allowing exceptions to this rule, however. Members may apply to use PayPal Friends & Family. The process is outlined here. This page can be accessed at any time from the sidebar if you are on the desktop version of Reddit or in About this community/Community info on mobile/app.

Users who have been approved to use PP FF will have this flair next to their username: 💸. That flair means they have been granted approval by the mod team to ask for FF in their transactions. Everyone else without that flair is relegated to using PayPal Goods & Services only. If we discover that you have been requesting FF behind the scenes, you will be automatically banned. If both parties agree to using FF despite not having approval to do so, you assume all the risks and the mod team will not get involved if there are any problems.

To apply for the 💸 flair, please send a message via Modmail with a link to your feedback. Don't forget to include feedback from both the old and new threads. We will be considering your account age and posting activity on top of your feedback history.

For sellers worried that the primary use of G&S now puts them at risk, we completely understand your concern. Keep in mind that all scams on RLBST has solely been from the sell-side not the buy-side. Also, sellers do have the ability to protect themselves. You should always look into the account age and history of your buyer. Use your best judgment. Sell only to those you feel you can trust.

If you have any further questions, please message us through Modmail. Thank you.

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Are you looking for something? If so, submit your ISO request(s) here.

Any posted outside of this thread will be deleted. Sales solicitations made by members who do not meet our minimum karma and account age requirements will also be removed by AutoMod.


Pictures | Auth

Item: LV Logomania Shine Scarf in Pink

Original Seller: TS Olistudio + Superbuy

Original Price: $70

Asking Price: $70 + $5 Shipping

Condition: Brand New, never used.



Selling a new Black Chanel WOC from Bank. I went a little crazy with purchases after being good all year . It pains me to sell this, but I can’t justify having as many new bags as I do.

Seller: Bank

Original price paid: $110 + $25 Shipping (part of a haul)

Selling price: $130 invoiced through PayPal, all shipping and G&S fees included. Comes with all the packing: the box, bag, authenticity card and ribbon. Shipped via USPS next day carefully packaged from smoke free home! No returns! Please review all photos and feel free to ask for any others.

Quality: This is a mid tier rep from Wenfa factory from Bank whose WOC’s have been reviewed on Repladies numerous times. The leather is nice, no fufu smell and I conditioned it with Apple conditioner. I think the “Made in Italy” stamp seems a little faint, but I didn’t even notice this until I went to take a photo of it. As always do your own QC!

My Photos:


Prior BST feedback:


Up for sale is the illusive impossible to find Iro Ashville in washed blue from the 2017 spring collection. This jacket is basically the holy grail of leather jackets, it is the perfect cut, sexy and super rock and roll.

The cut of this jacket is to die for, it goes up in the back just right to accentuate your waist, in this blue it is literally a perfect match to any denim, and it’s an amazing black leather jacket alternative.

This jacket was my everything until I had a baby and now I can’t wear it because momming is a dirty business. BTW size 38 is the most one size fits all size of this jacket, and the hardest size to find.

Please someone love her as much as I do!

Bought at a boutique on sale for $799 Selling for $525 USD (shipping included) USPS/Canada Post

Details pics

Username pic


Hi everyone !!!! I am selling my Chanel medium flap from god factory ... I got this bag from Min it was one of my first Chanel’s . What I’ve noticed about myself is that I’m not huge on lambskin , it’s very luxurious and supple but I’m more of a caviar girl . The medium flap is the perfect size in my opinion especially for a going out bag . This bag will be great as a Christmas present 🎁. I bought this bag for 545 plus PayPal fees although min and will be selling for 430 and if you want full package just let me know and we can discuss that . It will be two day shipping through usps . As far as flaw as go I’d say their are minor flaws on the corner but please do your research and if you need more pictures please let. Know and id be happy to send more pictures . I definitely want her to go to a new one , but also don’t mind keeping her if she doesn’t sell for a descent price because she is definitely top quality here is auth and red

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4 hours ago

Chanel Black Patent Classic Card Holder with Silver Hardware

  • Condition: Purchased recently and never used, the item is in new condition. No scratches on the hardware. Glossy with neat stitching. Kept in humidity controlled closet

  • Flaws: I think it might be puffier than usual, but I don't own any other card holders so I'm not sure. Item has a serial number that might be off in terms of year/style, but again I'm not sure as I don't track these. Patent leather tends to smudge easily, but smudges are just as easily buffed out

  • Card holder pictures

  • One sold on Tradesy

  • Source: TS Min, original cost was around $40 plus fees and shipping as part of a haul

  • Price: $35 + $8 for shipping. PayPal F&F approved

  • Shipping: will ship via USPS following payment. I will ship internationally at an additional cost - buyer bears risk

Please QC and ask any questions prior to purchasing. PM preferred for inquiries. Thanks!


Paypal G&S, shipping is included in the price. If you're based in NYC, please PM for face trade and further discounts

my pics:

(Sorry it includes other pictures from other sale. Only the celine box is left)

Auth (I dont think they have my color on this website anymore but the same style)

I paid 346 plus shipping, came out to be around 380

Asking price: 340. 335

Flaws: for your reference, this was my QC post. There really isn't anything glaring, and I asked Emily for her highest grade she has, and the most expensive one. I've walked into Celine stores many times proudly, and only received jealous looks and compliments ;)

Let me know if any questions or u want more pics! I have an awesome rating on poshmark and ebay which i am happy to share via PM. I haven't sold on RepLadiesBST before, but have bought PLENTY, and can give references on my bought items if that helps lol. Ok thanks guys!


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