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Bermuda. The island, certainly not the shorts.
1 month ago
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Season 7 is right around the corner at the time this post goes up (less than 1 hour!) and we've had a large influx of users on this sub since season 6 ended. We're sat at nearly 22k subscribers right now (having recently hit the 20k milestone) and so we (the mod team) felt it was sensible to make a quick post reiterating the community's rules and guidelines. This way the long-standing users will get a refresher and new subscribers will be brought up to speed.

Here's the rules copied and pasted from the sidebar, I'll also be raising some of my personal thoughts afterwards.

Be polite and use reddiquette. Abusive behavior will result in immediate ban.

No Junk Media. Official show media and reliable media sources are welcome.

No memes or captioned images. Topical gifs allowed only in comments, crap gifs may be removed.

Garbage posts will be removed, mods will decide if the post is garbage. Junk blogs, clickbaits, tumblr shit, NSFW/Kink, HIFW/MRW/DAE are never going to be ok here.

No references to or requests for unsanctioned streaming or torrents. No unsanctioned leaks.

Don't continually whine or piss off the mods. We have a low level of patience for that crap.

Now something that isn't mentioned specifically in the rule list (but is mentioned in it's own section on the sidebar) is our spoiler policy.

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Wow. I suck.
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Episode synopsis: The Task Force investigates the unexplained disappearance and sudden re-emergence of a governor. Meanwhile, Red and Dembe surveil someone close to Katarina Rostova, as she inadvertently involves Agnes in an operation of her own.

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I think the writers are really failing here at storytelling. They're putting all their ideas in a shotgun and just firing into the wind.

Is blonde Kat real? Is she an impostor? WFT is she even hanging around Liz and the baby? She's obviously getting nothing from them. Why'd she steal Liz' key when she's got free run of the place? Where's Red Kat? In that suitcase?

What is blonde Kat running from? "they're out to get me"? Really? She's not hiding. She's out in the open for anyone to find. Doesn't look like she's afraid of being 'hunted down' to me. And who's hunting her down anyway? I haven't seen anyone. What's that all about anyway? Just tell me what I want. Just tell me what I need. WTF is she even talking about half the time?

Who's the real Katarina, who's the real Red, who's the real Ilya, who's the real parents of Liz? Who died in that fire, who took who's identity, who shot Masha's father, etc, etc, give me a break. My head's exploding from the myriad inconsistencies. Seven seasons and they haven't answered ONE question.

The writers have dug themselves so deep in this tar pit it's never going to make any sense. There better be a seriously satisfying payoff at the end after all this, but I have no confidence the writers can pull it off.


There have been a lot of cool ones, but I think my favorite will always be Berlin.


It’s really odd actually that when binge watching a show the cliffhangers don’t have that much of an effect on you and that’s good. They don’t make you think everything over a thousand different times only for you to be disappointed by the solution of this cliffhanger (see: Sherlock season 3 after the fall).

The blacklist for me until now has been this one continuous story that was never interrupted. I was impatient to know the answers, but still I watched each episode one after another, and the result was a more satisfied viewing experience.

Season 7 has been frustrating for me, regardless of the quality, that’s always debatable. No, instead it’s been hard for me to keep up because from week to week I end up forgetting the name of the new character they’re hunting for information. When he finally shows up, he’s been deleted from my brain and I don’t remember when I first read about him.

Season 7 has also been frustrating because of the odd plot choices. I bet that if I were binge watching it, i wouldn’t see the odd stories, I’d be more concerned with the overarching season or bi-season arch, meaning that I see the bigger picture. Watching everything episode by episode is boring, because you loose sight of that bigger picture and the story ends up being consistently being halted by this or that plot point, that you really couldn’t give a rats ass for.

Edit: in other words, if the show was always like this I probably wouldn’t have actually ever continued past season 2 if they had made me wait so long between seasons and episodes.


We have had lots of clues to blood disorders including aplastic anaemia and whatever Patrick Masuda had. We also have MCDD from stark.

We have Samar's dysphasia and potential dementia.

I'm in two minds. Lots of focus on blood and analysis of blood panels. Not so much emphasis on Red getting scans like MRIs etc. Perhaps suggests blood???

BUT - I also suspect it may be something connected to potential dementia. And that can always be secondary in nature. For example, I have behcet's disease which is systemic vasculitis but that can lead onto the neuro-behcets and possible dementia (everything fine for me but conscious of what is possible).

Red doesn't seem to care that much about immortality. He's dismissive of Sir Crispin Crandall and Roger Hobb's notions of immortality. He was willing to let this KR kill him rather than giving over secrets.

I suspect Red is most concerned about a condition that may lead him to a situation that the Mossad was worried about with Samar, that potential mental decline my deprive him of his ability to keep a secret. I think that is why he emphasised so much with Samar's predicament.

Red has been getting a little slow and haphazard recently. He's still sharper than the rest of us, but he's walking with a strange gait, sitting down a lot, sleeping in the RV. Red has been less capable of adjudging the loyalty of others such as Francesca. I think her test was more about him checking his wits than her.

This is all speculation. I think there is an organic health condition (genetic, or acquired or a result of Mr Kaplan's poison I dunno) that may have neurological complications.

Dembe always seem most concerned and most prepared for any circumstance in which red begins to bleed.

I'm no doctor. I'm sure we have some capable ones on here. Help us out.* :)


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