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Inspired by The Martha Network from The Handmaid's Tale universe, r/TheMarthaNetwork is intended to be a repository of news, gossip and resistance!

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Political posts on the main sub tend to go beyond the show very quickly, and can be difficult to moderate. The idea is for r/TheMarthaNetwork to be the place to post these topics.

Let's see if it will take off!

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Blessed Day
2 days ago
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Welcome to Week 9 of Book Club! Spoilers ahead

Book club only has a few weeks left, and should finish by December 9th! With the last two weeks both including reading 3 chapters instead of our usual 2!

Are you already finished and want to discuss the whole thing now? Check out the Hub for The Testaments here!

Before we begin, a few light rules:

Please only discuss the two sections on topic, and prior sections. If you've read ahead, please save those details for later!

It should go without saying, that there will be spoilers in this discussion for the currently read chapters.

The questions are simply a suggestion to get discussion going, please post any questions, ideas, comments, etc. that you may have to keep the discussion engaging!

Please follow all the rules of the subreddit.

Thanks Everyone!

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I know it's based on the Iranian revolution and I'm from Iran/in Iran rn and it has become significantly more leniant these days despite gradually ramping up in the early days of the IR.

So will we see the day that the econopeople start rebelling and adding embellishments to their clothes instead of just wearing grey? Or a black market for birth control? Or when the roles will get less and less linear? I mean this country was a lockdown state full of snitches where you could get arrested for wearing nail polish but now lots of people in the streets don't even wear hijab. Idk, I just don't feel like it's going to make sense for Gilead to just continually get worse and worse and for no one to ever fight back to the morality police in the middle of the street. Here people especially the new generation have no fear lmao. And the police tend to turn a blind eye to a lot of things now or just enact a "don't ask, don't tell, and if you for some reason do, get a good lawyer" policy. They even sell handmaids tale! The irony...

The KSA is another good example because eventually men are going to see it sucks for them too and stick up for their wives.

It just seems like this is a situation of a minority ruling over a majority they can't brainwash well enough, and that never lasts long. Eventually people aren't going to want to snitch on their friends and family for no reward or just stop giving a shit about getting stoned or sent to a gulag, and progress will inveitably be made.

Plus it seems like these people just came into power out of nowhere and a common theory is Khomeini started out as a western puppet to insure the soviets and communist influence wouldn't get into Iran like it did in Afghanistan and create an ally in the cold war as the Shah's health was weakening. Surely someone had to be funding the sons of jacob.


[No spoilers]

What would you do if if something like this happens?

And another question what did gilead do with everyones vehicles?

Not including the military and commanders

What do the farmers use like tractors combines and other various farm equipment ? or do they go back to the sickles and scyths the way before the industrial revolution

I'm a farmer and I've been wondering


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