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dış mihrak
26 days ago
Moderator of r/TurkeyStickied post

Recently, we have an explosion content about how Turkey is mentioned in certain other subreddits, which resulted in calls for brigades.

We would like to remind that, posting or linking from other subreddits is against r/Turkey rules. As a temporary measure, violation of this rule will result in at least 3 days of ban.

Moderator of r/TurkeyComments are lockedStickied post

Users of r/Turkey, r/Europe, and the general Reddit community at large:

It is with great regret that we learn of a decision taken by the moderators of /r/Europe which targets our subreddit – both the moderators and users – without a fair assessment of our ability to fix inherent flaws in the Reddit platform and ignoring measures we have thus far taken to address their concerns. The justification for this action has been posed as inaction against organized brigading from our subreddit itself (not just from individual users) and doxxing of a Wikipedia editor. We flatly reject these accusations. We see this decision to “de-list” r/Turkey from the r/Europe sidebar as unproductive and motivated by ideological views of what defines continental Europe, rather than community administration. It was only a matter of time until sufficient “evidence” could be collected to justify action against our subreddit.

It is not often that we deliberately take action to limit interaction with an entire subreddit, particularly one we have an official affiliation with. This was done, first by our own initiative a long time ago, and then at the request of moderators from r/Europe. On October 18th, 2018 r/Turkey decided to impose a new rule prohibiting “meta discussion” from being posted to our subreddit. Among other areas of Reddit, this was to address constant threads about being banned on r/Europe or what a user on r/Europe said about Turkey. This was done on our own, without being asked, and for the sake of the quality of both our subreddit and theirs.

Since being asked by moderators of r/Europe, blanket prohibitions on cross-posting from that subreddit and the mention of r/Europe in threads were implemented on October 22nd, 2019. These are very restrictive actions taken to prevent brigading and also to discourage low quality content, completely unprecedented in my long tenure here on the subreddit. While they were at one point relaxed to a filtration system because a total ban was seen as draconian, our sensitivity on the matter persisted and we are not frankly sure what more we could do. Additionally, for the past month or so, two threads calling for calm and reminding users not to brigade have been stickied to the top of our community, given the sensitive situation created by Turkish military operations in northern Syria.

Addressing the accusations made…

  • Attempted doxx of a Wikipedia editor: Firstly, we deny any baseless accusations regarding the doxx attempt of the wikipedia editor. We regret to see that moderators of r/europe did not uncover whether the claims had any truth to them. In this post, no private information or identity was published regarding the mentioned wikipedia editor. This does not excuse the behavior. However, the original poster, in his own view, felt the wikipedia editor was not acting in good faith and advised people to report him to wikipedia administration. This action, still not laudable, is not an attempt at doxxing. Also, we encourage anyone who would like to see the original thread in this link, . Decide for yourself whether this post was an attempt at doxxing. Even in the absence of identifying information, this is not the type of content we condone and encourage on r/Turkey and regret its posting. We cannot get to everything immediately.

  • Organized brigades launching from r/Turkey: There has been no organized brigades from r/turkey in the past, there are none now, there will not be in the future. If such organized behavior would be taking place in this subreddit with the endorsement of moderators or turning a blind eye by the mods, our subreddit would have already been shut down by the reddit administrators. If you are serious regarding your claim and your claim has any substance to it, please report it to the reddit administrators and let justice be done. Angry users viewing content which they disagree with then individually choosing to visit a subreddit is something which frankly cannot be stopped and escapes the definition of organized brigading.

r/Turkey’s moderation team takes it very seriously that we adopt a reconciliatory and apolitical stance against these accusations of negligence and generalizations against Reddit’s Turkish community bordering on discrimination. First and foremost, we ask that this “de-listing” be reversed and moderation-to-moderation dialog be tried before choosing and desiring to issue public ultimatums.

Such an action is completely symbolic, as it neither will reduce traffic to our subreddit as so-called punishment nor will it address the problem which is the action of a few. To the contrary, we believe that adopting a policy which by many will be viewed as cementing r/Europe’s status as “Turkophobic” will draw more attention from toxic users and recruit more to their ranks. What is currently in all likelihood the actions of a few with nothing better to do may become organized in the future because of this. A self-fulfilling prophecy. Perhaps this is the intention.

All channels of communication are open, if indeed the decision at r/Europe was taken without malice and they choose to utilize them. Failure to reach out is undeniable proof on our end that this decision was politically-motivated by discriminatory beliefs regarding the Turkish community on Reddit and perhaps the wider population as well.

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Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned
16 hours ago
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As all you've seen all over the internet Hong Kong protest became main topic for everyone. But we also know China commits crime in Sincan for many years. Of couse we against what's happening in Hong Kong but we can't ignore Uyghur Turks anymore. So i call solidarity for Uyghurs. We have to start some campaign about this situation and as much as we can, we have to make it viral. Because everyone have to know what kind of treatments they are having from Chinese gov. So under the post, bring some idea

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Ey türk gençliği!
10 hours ago

GEZGİN BLOG,  ilgi çekici RASAT ve Göktürk-2 uydu görüntülerini paylaşmak amacıyla TÜBİTAK UZAY tarafından hazırlanmaktadır.

Uzaydaki yedinci yılını (sekizinci) tamamlayan RASAT Araştırma Uydusu, TÜBİTAK Uzay Teknolojileri Araştırma Enstitüsü’nde üretilen, ilk yerli üretim yer gözlem uydusudur. Güneş’e eş zamanlı dairesel yörüngede, 700 km irtifada uçmaktadır. 7.5 m pankromatik, 15 m çok bantlı uzamsal çözünürlükte süpürçek (pushbroom) kameraya sahiptir. Kullanım ömrü 3 yıl olarak tasarlanan RASAT, 3 eksende kontrol edilerek, uydudan 4 günlük yeniden ziyaret zamanı ve 30 km’lik şerit genişliği ile 960 km uzunluğunda şerit görüntülenebilmektedir. Kutupsal yörüngesi sebebiyle Dünya’nın her yerinden görüntü alınabilmektedir. TÜBİTAK UZAY tesislerinde bulunan yer istasyonundan kontrol edilen uydu, günde 4 kez Türkiye üzerinden geçmekte olup, günlük ortalama 42 dakikalık iletişim süresine sahiptir.

RASAT ile Türkiye’den çekilmiş tüm görüntüler orjinal çözünürlüğünde GEZGİN adresinden sunulmaktadır. Çekilen görüntüler bir gün içerisinde işlenerek sisteme eklenmekte, e-devlet şifresiyle oturum açan tüm kullanıcılar görüntüleri ücretsiz olarak indirilebilmektedir.

Ülkemizin ilk yüksek çözünürlüklü (2,5m) yer gözlem uydusu olan Göktürk-2 görüntüleri kamu kurumları tarafından Hava Kuvvetleri Komutanlığı’ndan ücretsiz olarak temin edilebilmektedir.


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This subreddit is for news and discussion about Turkey. Posts both in English and Turkish are welcome.

Bu subreddit Türkiye ile ilgili haber ve sohbet ortamıdır. Türkçe veya Ingilizce yazabilirsiniz.

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