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Gotta Catch Em All!
5 days ago
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Hey r/wetshaving!

The year was 2016, and I had been wet shaving for about a year. I had a razor, brush and a couple of soaps, sure, but I had not yet dipped my toe into the world of artisan goods.

I was a lurker back then on r/wetshaving. But I saw a post about a sub exclusive from a fairly new artisan, L&L Grooming, called Puzzle in this pretty new Bison base (which was supposed to be pretty good). It was a unique exclusive as scent notes were a 'Puzzle' (hence the name) and there would be a contest once everyone got their sets to guess the scent notes in it. I figured why not, posted in the thread and bought a set.

Well, that soap blew my mind and started me down the wet shaving artisan rabbit-hole I now find myself in. I still love it today and it is one of only 3 soaps I have doubles of.

So many things have changed in wet-shaving since 2016. Yet, so many things have stayed the same.

L&L Grooming is now Declaration, but u/declarationgrooming is still innovating with the fall release of the brand new Milksteak base. If you haven't heard of Milksteak, check out [Ruds review] (, it is fantastic.

With everything he has going on u/declarationgrooming still found time to create a brand new sub exclusive 'Puzzle 2019' in the Milksteak base (his first sub exclusive since the original Puzzle)! Pricing is being finalized, but I can tell you that a full set will be comparable to Declaration's other offerings and be no more than $40 (soap and aftershave) not including shipping. I will update everyone once pricing has been locked in.

Now, if there is a Puzzle scent, there HAS to be a contest! It is simple, guess the scent notes in Puzzle 2019. Well, it sounds simple, but if past experience is anything to go on, these notes will be harder to put your finger on than you realize. 2019 has been a big year, so the prize for this contest needed to be just as big and u/declarationgrooming did not disappoint. The grand prize for Puzzle 2019 will be a custom brush from Declaration Grooming with the winner's choice of either B1 or B2 hair.

Oh yea, your eyes did not deceive you, that is a freaking CUSTOM B1 or B2 brush! Absolutely amazing prize for the redditor with the keenest nose.

I will post full rules once orders have been sent out, but here are just a few to get us started:

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Governor General
1 day ago
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"It's the most wonderful time of the year..."

Welcome to the sign up for the 2019 w/Wetshaving Secret Santa sign up. Please read through the thread before you commit, there will be a good amount of info so you don't get confused and I don't get hundreds of PM's asking the same questions.

Qualification: 100 Karma in the past 90 days in r/Wetshaving. If you're short of karma start posting. Also if you have established members who will give their word for you or I recognize you you'll be good.

If you're a lurker or don't meet this qualification, but think you belong, then please comment below in the thread that you'd like to participate in the swap and I'll make a judgement call. You should at least have a record of some prior participation.

If your finances might get tight and you're not sure that you can afford it, please don't sign up.

If you think that you're going to sign up and not send a gift, know two things:

  1. I'll have your address.

  2. You'll receive another gift I deem appropriate.

If you're generous and know the difference between a nice gift and garbage that you're trying to get rid of, please do sign up.

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Vintage razors & starter kits at
2 hours ago

Just asked gonzobot to draw for a winner of this PIF, and it came back with 727. That means that /u/worbx' guess of 752 is the closest. He was the last one to enter, just a couple hours ago.

Congrats /u/worbx! Please PM me your shipping address.

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I'm between flairs right now.
6 hours ago

In celebration of me recently finding out that I got a job that is utterly perfect for me and is a huge step up for my career, I want to pay my good fortune forward with some unobtanium--a lightly used jar of Soapmakers of Awesometown.

This jar has been used approximately 5 times. I picked it up on a whim when it dropped and the scent never appealed to me. However, I know there are people out there who want to try this out, and one lucky winner will have that opportunity!

Being that this is soap only (no aftershave was produced), I am willing to ship anywhere in the world up to $15 in shipping costs. If the cost is higher than that, I will ask that you cover the additional costs. I will try to ship on Monday, but if that doesn't happen, it will have to wait until after Thanksgiving.

Also, since this is unobtanium, I ask that if you don't like it, you please PIF it along. If this shows up on eBay or r/Shave_Bazaar, you shall be cursed by the Shave Gods to a lifetime of ingrowns. You will try hard to get rid of them, but no matter what change you make to your soap, razor, or technique, the ingrowns will persist until you go mad, sobbing in an uncontrollable heap, surrounded by Barbasol and Mach 3 razors until the end of your days.

Karma restriction is 100 on the bot. Please give me a number of 1-1000. Sometime after noon Eastern on Saturday I will go to a random number generator site and pull a number. If no one has that exact number, I will continue to RNG until I get an exact number. If more than one person has the same number, I will assign all the folks with the same number a single digit (e.g., 1, 2, 3, 4 etc) and RNG to break the tie.

If you are so inclined, tell us about your favorite job. But that's by no means a requirement for this PIF.

May the Shave Gods be ever in your favor.


Are you new to the community? Have some questions? Then you found the right place! Say hello, tell us about yourself, and talk about what you would like to learn.

This is the place to ask beginner and simple questions. Some examples include:

  • Soap, scent, or gear recommendations

  • Favorite scents, bases, etc

  • Where to buy certain items

  • Identification of a razor you just bought

  • Troubleshooting shaving issues such as cuts, poor lather, and technique

Please note these are examples and any questions for the sub should be posted here. Remember to visit the Wiki for more information too!

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Rule#2Bot better be grateful for all my HARD WORK
17 hours ago

We have three winners for the Mystery Box PIF!

  1. /u/Matty_Joestar

  2. /u/chileheadd

  3. /u/fatSEguy

Congratulations! Well, let's see what you think about this PIF after you open the boxes...

PM me your address, my friends, and I will get these out as soon as possible, and thanks to everybody who submitted an entry!


Share your shave of the day for Wednesday!

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🦌 🛡 ⚔️ Knights of Stag ⚔️🛡 🦌
20 hours ago

I got to thinking as I was ordering the fragrances for December's Split that I should probably see what people would like for future Splits. Seeing that I don't believe APR has any releases lined up for the next few months, and that /u/bostonphototourist usually makes samples/decants of his own scents available

December has the following Fragrances lined up:

I will note which fragrances people would like to try and then probably post a contest thread to decided what to decant for a particular month. I do plan on working through the Fragrance Friday List albeit at a slower pace than originally planned.

To help encourage people to participate. If a scent you ask for is chosen for a decant that month I will send you a free 5ml decant of that scent (CONUS only, sorry international peeps.). If two people ask for a single scent, the first person to ask will be the one considered the Picker.


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