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Welcome to the Weekly Amateur Boxing Questions Thread:

This is the place to ask any questions you have but have not wanted to create a separate post to ask. This is the place you don't have to protect yourself at all times so ask those questions you've been holding back.
I know you're wondering if you're too old to start boxing and what to look for in a gym, how to start training, why boxing would be the perfect sport for you etc... This is the place to ask those questions and any others!

As always, keep it clean and above the belt. Have fun!


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Welcome to the Weekly Gear Thread:

This thread is where all gear questions can and should be asked. Feel free to share experiences with gear you loved or hated too.

With the exception of reviews of specific pieces of gear, all gear posts will be removed and directed to post in this thread.


I had a couple fights when I was 21. Took a break from boxing due to work and picked it seriously up again at 28. I trained for 2 months for this fight. Lost 18 pounds, ran 3 - 4 miles daily, did very well in my sparring. I felt so ready.

Then fight day rolls around.

7:30 AM: Woke up. Prepped my bags, made sure I had my passbook. Drove to weigh-ins. Not too nervous at this point.
8:00 AM: Went to weigh-ins. Got to the room with all the other boxers. Tried to listen for names to see if my opponent is there. I heard his name - he's definitely bigger than me and looks jacked. Weighed in, checked out the venue, then drove home. A little nervous at this point. Tried to drown it out with hyped music.
9:00 AM: Ate an oatmeal and fruit breakfast. Chilled, light shadowboxed, watched previous sparring vids.
10:00 AM: Cooked and ate seared salmon. Went to my local rec to shoot around some basketball (not play any games).
11:00 AM: Put on all my gear and did some timed shadow boxing. Chilled. Nerves going up a bit at this point.
12:00 PM: Ate a banana and an apple. Show started at 2:00 PM. I didn't want to be too full because that's what happened to me at my last bout when I was 21 and lost. I then drove to the venue. This was the last time I ate and was a mistake.
1:00 PM: The bout sheet came out - I'm the 3rd to last bout. This adds to my nervousness. I did my medicals.
2:00 PM: Show started. I have a very long time to wait before even warming up. I sit there for a while, chatting with teammates and my coach.
4:00 PM: Some friends I invited showed up. I'm way more nervous at this point.
5:30 PM: Did my warm-ups. Shadowbox and mitts. I think I went too hard on the mitts because it felt like a whole round. The fact that I was a little tired made me more nervous. I could feel my legs being a little weak. My stomach is grumbling. I kept needing water.
6:00 PM: My bout is up. I saw my opponent. Dude's jacked. Received some coach speak. Went into the ring, went around the ring to feel it out.

Round 1: My plan was to BOX, not brawl. We come out, and immediately start brawling. I try to circle away, jab, move my head. But the dude was like a machine gun, just constantly coming forward and throwing bunches. On top of that, he's bigger than me with a longer reach. I'm already gassed.
Round 2: My coach tells me I need to win this round. I go out, and it's basically the same thing. I'm so tired that I can't box and move. I dodge a lot of punches from slipping and rolling, but they just keep coming at full speed. Literally nonstop. I receive a standing 8.


I had my third fight yesterday, winning on points. It was a great experience, really enjoyed it. It was a huge buzz, but now, after all those endorphins last night, I can't help but felt that "real life" is becoming more and more mundane. I've just gone three rounds with a tough guy trying to knock my head off and beat him, and now I have to go back to a boring job? A boring college corse? I keep finding that the rush I get from boxing and competing drains the fun out of everything else, because it is so all encompassing. Spending months training for a specific date, pouring every fibre of my being into it, leaves me with this empty feeling once I've won, until the next one comes along.

Anyone else feel like this?

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I was in my first and hopefully last one today. During a football match one of my buddies ran into a group of 5 swinging because he got triggered by the constant racial slurs thrown at our team. I immediately ran in after him thinking "fuck it here we go" because I box I thought I was something and within seconds I regretted it.

There is no fair play, control or any awareness. Everything goes quick quick. I saw 2 arms fly past me and never saw them coming, I accidentally hit the wrong guy. One of the enemy guys got ganged on and fucked up. This shit has no honor, skill or anything admirable. It's barbaric and I refuse to be part of one again. Don't get into brawls or fights kids, no matter how tough you think you are there is no control of shit that happens in the streets. Stay safe out there.

Edit: for clarity, it was a full on 15 man brawl.


I just finished my monthly boxing classes and im just curious because during that whole month we did more cardio/circuit training/aerobics or whatever it is actually called (they call it circuit training there, barely heard it in boxing) than punching, we do it every mondays, wednesdays and fridays while we only do pad works and bag works during tuesdays and thursdays so it got me thinking, am i really in a boxing class or in a fat camp disguised as a boxing class? And oh, BTW, the coach is a certified boxing coach though, he's not there during weekends as he trains amateur fighters somewhere (no one in that gym actually competes). So, is it normal for a boxing gym to do more of those than pad works and bag works? Should i leave that gym and find another one?


I went on a 1-year mission to do a boxing tournament, and am on a 2 year mission to lose 150lbs (~60 down). Lost the first fight by a razer thin margin, split decision, announcers thought I won it. I wasnt aggressive enough, and he was much more comfortable and experienced. By round 3 I hit my stride and he was having a bad time. I won wound 3 bigtime.

I thought that was it, but I got word that night... he was dropping out of the tournament. That means I get to continue in his place by rule. So a loss on my record but a win in the tournament.

Fight 2, I had a better pace figured out. Scored a 1st round ko and took home a belt.


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