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Welcome to the weekly discussion thread!

This thread is renewed weekly and is intended for all discussions that do not warrant their own thread.

For AWARD BOOKING HELP please read the following information:

Volunteers may choose to help you find your award trip. This is a free service we provide for the Reddit community, because we love you! <3 But please don’t expect us to plan out your trip for you. No stranger on the Internet could know what is BEST for you.

Note: Many questions can be answered by reading our sidebar. If you are New, please read Airline Miles Redemption, if you want to know what the best Redemption for you, take a look at Award Hacker.

Before you begin, we recommend reading the following article: - Remember, flexibility is key to a successful award trip. To get a good intro understanding of the terminology and how award travel works, read the sidebar article Airline Miles Redemption

  • Origin and destination cities (are they flexible?)

  • Number of Travelers (Your chances of success goes down as this number goes up)

  • One way or round-trip

  • Class of service desired

  • Desired date(s) of travel (are they flexible? Hard dates == Less Chances for success)

  • Your points balances: all airline, credit card and hotel points (If you are looking for J/F, think at least 6 digits)

We will need all of the above information to provide meaningful assistance


First successful booking for me. Booked two seats end of sept LAX to NRT in F on ANA via VS for 220k total. Transferred 60k MR and 390k Bonvoy. Took about 36 hours for Bonvoy points to transfer while MR points were instant. The VS reps were very kind and helpful. All in all, very smooth and easy process.

Edit: VS ( Virgin Atlantic)


Does anyone recall deals-specials that United might run on Black Friday?


Have you guys ever had any luck getting to central Asia (Kazakhstan, Turk, Azerbaijan,Uzbek, etc) in J using AA miles but without huge surcharges on BA?


I ran a award/upgrade search on AA flights. I see an AA marketed, JAL flight. That flight shows First- Upgrade 3. What does that mean? You can't upgrade on AA. Does that just mean there's upgrade availability on the JAL flight but you have to do it through JAL?


I am trying to book an award flight using BA Avios. I am not part of any household account, but am unable to book for anyone else. I get the following error message.

Due to restriction on, you must be a passenger to make this booking with Avios. To make this booking for someone else, please contact your local Executive Club service center.

I then tried to the person into my friends & family tab, and the BA system still won't let me populate the person's details when booking.

I decided to call in. I am eyeing a HKG-LHR in J and the taxes and fees show $44 (it shows $44 on AA as well). The call agent quoted me $302, and I made sure they confirmed that it was in USD and they confirmed the same. Any experience something similar and can share insight on a workaround?


Hi all,

A few months back, I posted about how I originally booked, with United miles, AC CMH - YYZ - DXB and had AC cancel the YYZ-DXB flight on me, leaving me with a 26 hour layover. What I ended up doing was calling United to get rebooked to CMH - EWR - OPO - IST - MCT.

  • CMH - EWR -- UA E145 Economy

  • EWR - OPO -- TP A321LR Business

  • OPO - IST -- TK 737-800 Business

  • IST - MCT -- TK 737-800 Business

As you can see, that's a marathon day of flying, but when I booked it, it was the best option.

Recently, I saw that UA has points availability (at the same price) for CMH - ORD - IST - MCT.

  • CMH - ORD -- UA 737 First

  • ORD - IST -- TK 777 Business


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