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Welcome to r/boardgames Daily Discussion and Game Recommendations

This is meant to be a place where you can ask any and all questions relating to the board gaming world: general or specific game recommendations, rule clarifications, definitions of terms/acronyms, and other quick questions that might not warrant their own post. You can see previous versions of this post here.

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Dominant Species
23 hours ago
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It's that time of the year again, holiday shopping time! Remember you can always use the Daily Discussion and Game Recommendations thread to get recommendations for your specific scenario, but below will be some general gift ideas to get you started! Also, if you're gifting to a board gamer, you can ask them for their BGG username and go to their profile (at to see if they have anything listed under their Wishlist!

Top level comments are categories and price ranges. Post suggestions as comments in the threads.

In addition to the recommendations here, the following are some links to different holiday gift guides for this year. If you see guides shared, please link them as a response to this comment so I can add them to the post.

This thread will be stickied through the end of December.

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Cones Of Dunshire
1 hour ago

Jamey announced some civilization modifications for playing Tapestry. Some notable changes include Architects gaining 10VP per opponent when playing with 3 or more players, The Chosen gaining 15VP per opponent, and Futurists losing a culture and a resource of their choice at the start of the game. Interested to see how these changes affect gameplay. What are your guys’ thoughts on the changes? I’m sure they will be for the better, but I feel it will be tough to get factions to a state where they’re all pretty competitive.


I'm intrigued by Warchest and Undaunted Normandy, both by Trevor Benjamin and David Thompson. They appear to be somewhat similar in design.

Does anyone have experience playing both and know how the two games compare and is it worth getting both? Or do they both scratch the same itch and therefore only worth getting one of them, if so which?

Posted by
Dominant Species
3 hours ago

I've been watching the progress of Magnate: The First City on Twitter over the past few months, and it's on Kickstarter starting today and running through December 12th.

The game is a mid-weight economic game. /u/danthurot compares it thematically to Monopoly, where your goal is to extract as much money as you can from your tenants while still getting out before the market crashes. If you're looking for a zero-luck math fest, this might not be a great fit for you, but the dice rolls seem to be something you can and must consider when making your investments.

I'm still not sure if I'm going to back this, I'm currently waiting on a few other heavier economic games, but I'm hoping to see some of the heavy backers in my group pick this one up.


Necromolds: Monster Battles Kickstarter starts today and ends December 16th.

Necromolds: Monster Battles Kickstarter

Video Links:

Original Announcement Trailer

5-minute How to Play Video

Full Playthrough Video

What is it?

Necromolds are a series of collectible toys that let you build and destroy terrifying miniatures out of Spell Dough, a soft modeling clay.  The back of each Necromold spell book toy features the miniatures' game skills and abilities.  Not only will the number of Necromold monsters continue to expand, but so will a new and exciting line of games to use them in!

Necromolds Monster Battles is a streamlined and lite wargaming ruleset easy for tabletop players of all experiences to enjoy. The size of your monster army is limited by 3oz of Spell Dough.  Build your army wisely, for each miniatures' strengths are balanced against the amount of Spell Dough required to mold them!


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