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Dam Son
15 hours ago
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Have you taken any recent pics of those sweet gains, your human flag, or those handstands off the wall you're finally holding?

Do you have other bodyweight fitness accomplishments you've made and want the world to know about because your friends and family can't appreciate how hard L-sit progressions are??

This is the thread for you to share all that and inspire others at the same time! I'm talking about another S-S-SU-SUNDAY SHOW OFF!!

Note that we aren’t limiting you to what we're discussing on the FAQ. Show us anything that blew your mind the moment you realized you had it. This may include aspects of: gymnastics, climbing, parkour, weight loss/gain, posture, etc. They are all more than welcome in this thread.

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Last week's Show Off thread


whenever i see it i just think of my shoulders giving out and me dropping the hang. i can only try it when i am completely warmed up and i dont even go past hip to shoulders.

i can do stuff like floor L sit and dragon flag but i just have never even been an athlete or played sports as a child, theres a little 11 years old kid in my neighborhood who has played soccer since he was a baby and he can easily skin the cat.

any tips?

edit: on bars


A lot of people have different reasons and motivations for working out, like being more attractive, health, or just boosting self confidence.

I get a lot of surprised responses when I tell people that the reason I work out is so that I look better in cosplay, because that involves a lot outfits that are either shirtless, or have a lot of spandex.

So I realized that a lot of people might have "weird" or just not typical reasons for working out and I got curious. So why do some of you work out?


Weight lifter here, been going to the gym for 4 months now and one of my excersies is to do pull ups. I do chin ups as well to target a little more of my bicep as well so I do both variations. Anyways guys I am 5'8 and 170 lbs but my max pull ups right now is 12 reps.

Whats worse is when I do 4 sets of 8-12, my first set goes really well, 2nd set I barely get to 8, and then on my last two sets I struggle to even get to 6 lol... I thought my numbers would improve over the 4 months I have been lifting but nope! I also tried to do a few weeks of using a weight belt and staying in the 3-6 rep range with heavy weight to confuse my muscles but my strength didn't improve much.

Other things I tried to improve my pulls ups was grease the groove (gtg), I only did gtg like once or twice a week for 6 sets and each set I did half of my max which was 6 over the span of 8 or so hours for the day. My numbers still did not increase so now I ask what to do?

Was my gtg method of doing it only twice a weak not efficient? Should I have been doing gtg more frequently than twice a week?

Is it okay to do gtg for pull ups on days where I just targeted my lats?

Is it okay to do gtg back to back days?

Should I do more than 6 sets of gtg for the day as long as my time allows it and I am not tired?

What you mates recommend? I think this sub is perfect

Crossposted by3 hours ago

Check out calisthenics parks to find street workout spots all over the world.

Help the community by adding spots:

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I'll preface by saying I'd really like to start doing the RR but simply don't have time to incorporate that big of a commitment into my life at the moment. I work as a freelance theater technician and during busy season using my downtime to do basic chores can be hard enough as it is.

That being said, my profession means there is a lot of lifting and strenuous activity but I understand that this doesn't constitute as "working out." If anything, I have presumably developed muscle imbalances. In addition, I often work as a programmer, which means sitting in uncomfortable chairs staring at a bunch of screens. Combine that with spending what free time I DO have playing video games, I have developed a bit of a hunched back. It's not extreme, but I CONSTANTLY have sore upper back/shoulder blade muscles.

So to my question: what exercises could I be doing to help improve this?

I should add, my lower back is a bit rounded as well. If I try to sit flat against a wall (with legs straight out), I struggle to put my butt all the way against the wall.

In an ideal world, i'd start the full RR and a yoga regimen, but, again, having that kind of time is difficult.

Thanks in advance for any thoughts y'all might have.


As the title says, i only have access to resistance bands of different resistance levels. Do you think i could get good results on strength and hypertroph doing weighted cali combining bands?


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