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From Goodreads:

The Tower of Babel is the greatest marvel in the world. Immense as a mountain, the ancient Tower holds unnumbered ringdoms, warring and peaceful, stacked one on the other like the layers of a cake. It is a world of geniuses and tyrants, of airships and steam engines, of unusual animals and mysterious machines.
Soon after arriving for his honeymoon at the Tower, the mild-mannered headmaster of a small village school, Thomas Senlin, gets separated from his wife, Marya, in the overwhelming swarm of tourists, residents, and miscreants.
Senlin is determined to find Marya, but to do so he'll have to navigate madhouses, ballrooms, and burlesque theaters. He must survive betrayal, assassination, and the long guns of a flying fortress. But if he hopes to find his wife, he will have to do more than just endure.
This quiet man of letters must become a man of action.

This month we will be reading Senlin Ascends by Josiah Bancroft. Josiah will be joining us on Friday November 29th for an AMA to close out this month's selection.

As always, the dates of and links to the discussion threads can be found in the sticky comment on this post. You are welcome to read at your own pace. Don't worry about joining later on in the month. Usually it is pretty easy to catch up, but you are always welcome to join the discussions a little later.

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p.s. If you are interested in our previous selections you can find an overview here.

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I’ve written a book about how horror influences American history in Monsters in America, a book that’s a love letter to the first horror host (Vampira, 2014), and a biography of H.P. Lovecraft that was short-listed for the Stoker Award. And made people mad. Recently I wrote Wasteland: The Great War and Modern Horror (2018) and think ability the time about World War I and the beginnings of the horror film. Talk to me.


I don't expect anyone to read this or comment on it but i just need to get something off my chest that has been brewing for a few years. I think this is the best place to put it, if not please just ignore me and carry on with your lives.

So, as a kid I grew up with Pratchett, some of the first books I read were the Carpet People, Truckers, Diggers and Wings. I then progressed to the Discworld series and I loved them. I loved books in general. I had learned to read quite late in life and have Dyslexia which made it worse, however as soon as I learned to read I was hooked, I would spend hours pouring over books in the library and bookshops. I would pick up any fantasy or sci fi book which grabbed me at car boot sales and charity shops, the world of literature had jumped out of Pandora's box and I had no intention of closing it.

Then a few things happend. I got a job in a book shop figuring working with something I loved would be a great thing to do. My nan died which in turn triggered depression which has lingered ever since. Both of these things had an effect on me that I didn't expect. I stopped reading, almost entirely. I went from getting into books and using ever spare second I had reading them to just... Well, you see I don't even know what I did with the time. I was being bullied at work and that only made things worse, eventually I quit and got out of that hellhole. I thought maybe, just maybe my love for books would return. At that point the only real joy I had in reading was the yearly release of a new Pratchett book, it gave me a chance to escape into the Discworld with characters i knew and loved.

Then Pratchett died... I had never really cried over the death of a famous person, I never let it affect me. When that happened though, when that happened I bawled like a little baby. The last book released is still on my bookshelf unread, I can't bring myself to read it, if i read it then it will be truly over. If I don't read it there is still one Discworld book that i have yet to read and it will be something left unfinished, something to look forward too. But i had nothing to replace my yearly ritual of getting one of his books and reading it.

Since then my reading has been sporadic. The passion has, like so many things, died. I struggle to sit down and read now, whether it is sci fi, fantasy, non-fiction, crime, general fiction, horror. I have tried many, many different books. I have tried picking up stuff that is out of my comfort zone and I have tried picking up things which sit right inside it but nothing I have found can reignite the spark. That is something which really hurts. I want to start reading like I used to. I want to get lost in stories that stir something inside of me. I want to laugh, I want to cry, I want to hate the antagonist, I want to feel something, anything.

Now don't get me wrong I still love books, I still have something deep inside me which tells me I should read more, something that won't let me give up. I guess one day i may find something that can fill the void. Thank you for reading. Reply with a comment if you want, anything really. Take care.

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They didn't even have a sale for Veteran's Day, and pretty much every retailer is doing something. I've noticed this a lot this year. They used to send out "extra 10-15% off" coupons every other week. Now, it seems we might get one a month, if we're lucky.

Considering that Amazon is cheaper in general, this just seems like a bad business decision.


Near-immortal,, rugged individualist, libertarian, curmudgeon, and into a bit of light time travel and incest.

Love him? Hate him? I personally love to hate him. And, ironically, I don't think the character has aged well.

The wiki page is a brief into, but certainly does not capture the flavor.



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