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It was a decent while ago, about 12 years, and me and my brother (8) and sister (13) were staying in my grandparents house in Sydney, Australia. (we live in Melbourne) The house was custom built by them, and was two stories, and it was pretty old so the house had a distinctive 'old person' smell to it and about every single floorboards creaked.

About three days in, after a long day at the beach, we came home and went to bed. Since I was the oldest, I got a whole room to myself while my siblings had to share one. Anyway, being a teenager my sleep schedule was not the greatest, so I was up until about 1 playing my DS. Suddenly I felt really hungry, so I got up and attempted to get to the kitchen while not arousing suspicion, which was difficult considering how creaky the floorboards were. When I reached the top of the stairs, I was about to step down until I hear my grandpa behind me whisper my name.

I was freaked out, as my grandpa was rather strict and hated when people get up in the middle of the night. He approached marousing doubt, but I'll never know. He approached me with a threatening face and his fist clenched, which was was strange for my grandpa as he was always a cheerful person, and as he goes to grab me, I move to the left and give him a slight nudge and he trips on a small groove in the wood and crashes down to the bottom of the stairs.

Without thinking, I bolt back to my room, shut the door as quietly as I can and pretend to be asleep. I could hear my grandma and sister rush out of bed to investigate the sound and hear my grandma bloodcurdling scream as she locks eyes with her deceased husband. I stay in bed for another hour or so until my sister comes in and tells me there are police here and how grandpa fell down the stairs and snapped his neck. When I came out of my room the look on everyone's face still haunts me. Soon after I found out that my grandpa took these pills that helped him sleep or something else, which may of made him disoriented or slightly paralized, which in turn would of made him fall, but they also must of made him aggressive as my grandpa would be never acted like that when he was his normal self.

To this day, my entire family still believes it was his fault, but I couldn't keep that fucked up secret any longer and had to tell someone. Later today or tomorrow I will be confessing to my parents and my entire family about what actually happened, even if it lands me in hot water.

TL;DR: I nudged my grandpa down some stairs and I'm finally going to tell my family.

I may or may not update this post, but anyways, thanks Reddit for giving me a place to talk!


Hello everyone. Thank you for your tremendous support, you have no idea what it means to me. All your heartfelt comments really turned my mood around.


My University has an Express Tim Hortons where you get your own coffee/tea/latte and bring it to the cashier to check out. You have to tell the cashier what you got and they'll charge you accordingly.

I always get a French vanilla, which usually costs 3 dollars, where a coffee is 1.85.

I always check out as a regular coffee.


Wanted to feel cool, but I'm sure others have shared more. Especially those that have petabytes of stuff. I have barely few dozen terabytes.


I'm an American, but in my teenage years my family moved out the US to live in Calgary, Canada due to my dad's job at the time. In my first few months of being in Canada, we still had a lot of American coins left around that we hadn't bothered to exchange or anything yet, either in our personal possession, or stuck deep in the couches we had shipped from our original home in the States. So every morning before class, I would bring American change with me and put it into a certain vending machine in a mall across the street from the high school. Because American coins and Canadian coins look very similar, I would put as much nickels, dimes, and quarters into the machine until I would get about $5.00, hit 'Return change' and get Canadian loonies ($1 coins) and toonies ($2 coins). I will also confess that I was so caught on to it at one point, that I even went as far as to one time raid my dad's room and belongings while he was at work just to find American money left over, and boy did I find a lot. I feel really bad about it now. Did this for months until we were completely "Canadianized" and had no more American coins. You would think because I was a young teenager at the time hitting lows that I would be buying drugs and shit with the money, but no it was mostly just manga and Tim Hortons.


now this story isn’t as crazy as some posts on here i have read before, but this is my story of hacking people on this website.

there was this website people used to play on called wee world, sadly it is shut down now. you had a character and went around talking to people and could level up to get crazy different clothes, hair, etc. if you don’t know the website you should look it up.

there was this type of shoe you could wear and everyone wanted it and i knew how to get it. at the time i was about 9 and i was heavily addicted to this website i would play when i came home from school till i went to bed and i aspired to be the best at the game.

anyway, i would join worlds and tell people i knew how to get the “S-H03S” since the word “shoes” wasn’t allowed since it has the word “hoe” in it lol. and they would be so hype to get it so i told them all they had to do was give me their account information and i would get the shoes for them.

well you see where this is going, i went on their and just changed the password and kept the account. you are probably wondering why i used to do that and it’s because they were on a higher level then me and i again wanted to be the best and coolest on it.

this story isn’t crazy or anything but i just wanted to tell people since not many know!


The worst and best and strangest trip of my life. I'm still coming down right now. Quite a few scares along the way though. I was tripping while moving around on my campus for the whole morning. Sleepy af and still coming down and still need to finish up reviewing so wish me luck lol


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