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On this subreddit a lot of people come to ask for help regarding their T1D. It's great that we are here to help each other but it isn't uncommon that the people who want to help need to ask a whole bunch of questions before they can actually help. Here are some tips to help smoothen this process:

  1. Don't ask for a diagnosis. If you are experiencing symptoms of diabetes then you should see a doctor. Diagnosing someone over the internet is generally a bad idea, and it would be hard to determine whether or not you actually have type 1 diabetes.

  2. Don't just describe your problem but describe your situation too. Context matters. The information most often missing from posts is your age, how long ago you were diagnosed, your most recent a1c, your gender, if you use a CGM and if you use a pump or injections. Country or state could be one of those too if your question is about insurance, hospitals or endocrinologists but in many other cases it isn't relevant.

  3. Avoid subjective language. Terms like 'high blood sugar' aren't very clear. What is high to you might not be high to someone else. Some people consider 160 to be high, but I also remember someone who described their fiancée's blood sugar as 'running a little on the higher side' which sounds very modest but she had an a1c of over 14%.

Some tips for those giving advice:

  1. Remember that everyone is different. Some people have a more unstable blood sugar than others and what works for you might not for everyone. Don't let that stop you from commenting with personal experience but keep in mind that how you do things is not guaranteed to be the best approach for everyone.

  2. Consider OP's situation. Is the advice you give realistically achievable for them? If someone has an a1c of 12% and struggles to inject insulin 4 times a day it might not be the best moment to push them to lowering their a1c to 5%.

  3. There is more to life than keto. Many of you had great success with keto, and there isn't anything wrong with sharing that but some resoponses basically boil down to very low effort comments as 'just go keto'.

  4. Getting a CGM is a great idea but keep in mind that sadly not everyone can get one. I think a CGM is really valuable to have but a few of you have made it sound like everyone can get one at any given moment. Not everyone can afford them or get insurance to cover it.

This is a work in progress. If anyone would like to add something or comment on it they can do so in the comment section below.

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Hi everyone, I have a short question for all of you. How do you feel about surveys on the subreddit? Currently we are approving surveys before they are allowed to be posted. We have a few requirements the surveys must meet which are that they have to be about T1D specifically and that it must have a meaningful and realistically achievable goal. This already got rid of most school projects and carb counter apps of which dozens exist already.

The reason I am asking is because often I have a conversation with the person who wants to post the survey. I check it out and we talk a little about it. However the ones that do get approved barely get any attention. It's not uncommon a mod approved survey sits 0 comments and 0 karma. As a fellow T1D I am aware that we get asked to fill in surveys a lot, and maybe we are just tired of them. If we were to ban all of them we would save everyone a lot of time. We wouldn't need to go through the approval process, and neither would the researchers. And if it only gets the approved surveys 1 or 2 additional responses it just isn't worth it.

Let us know what you think.

P.S. A while back we had a post about a possible Discord server or other ways to find friends and I promise I am still working on something. I just have been very busy.

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I have a box of unopened Lantus pens in my fridge that have always been kept refrigerated.m, but expired about 4 months ago. My insurance is changing, and it’s been hard to get insulin and I just realized I’m out. Will still be as effective? I could probably get more insulin tomorrow but my insurance only covers a different generic brand that I’m worried about using before I discuss with an Endo next month. *the decision to use it or not is my own, so don’t be worried your advice hear will do harm one way or the other. Just looking to know if anyone has experience with using expired synthetic insulin and what to expect if I do.


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