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This subreddit has grown so much over the past few years, and we wanted to make a new post to go over some of the posting guidelines that help us accommodate all the different kinds of users we get here.

You want to post about female fashion? Perfect! We welcome everyone with an interest in clothing broadly coded as feminine, people who identify somewhere towards feminine who explore gender-neutral style, and everyone in between! FFA is a great place to discuss fashion, give & request advice, share inspiration, and more. All are welcome! Because of our subreddit’s size, though, we ask that you consider the following before making a post:


For the purposes of this subreddit, spam is anything that we deem to be made purely with the intent to generate traffic to another website or abuse FFA’s structure to promote a website or a blog. Our spam policy is zero-tolerance - spammers will be banned immediately. Details on this can be found in our FFA Rules.


If you are submitting a link to a fashion-related media item, you should include discussion prompts to engage the FFA community. If you have a fun discussion prompt that you think FFA would be into, add questions. A discussion item that is submitted with no efforts toward engaging users (or text that only says, “thoughts?” without elaborating) is typically considered to be a Random Fashion Thought. If you want to ask the community about a general topic while also contributing personal details, consider omitting the details from the post and instead adding the personalized bits as a comment. For example, if you want to know what pants FFAers are wearing this summer, don’t include “I’m looking for ankle-length linen blend pants in a light camel color, with button-secured pockets on the front and a raw hem, size 34” in the body of your post. We think that is a request for personalized advice, and your post will be redirected to Daily Questions. So…


In an effort to keep our front page centered on larger fashion-related discussions, requests for personalized advice should generally go to one of our weekly threads. While we always have new people looking for specific advice, we also have old-timers who have seen similar material over and over. This is the beauty of FFA! Newcomers can dive into the fashion world, and FFA regulars can offer advice and more in-depth discussions. Daily Questions and other scheduled threads keep our front page free of hyper-specific fashion advice. These threads tend to be heavily trafficked, but if you find that your comments aren’t getting answered in one DQ thread, feel free to repost on another day! Check out our posting schedule to see where your post belongs:

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Hello! It's one week until Thanksgiving, so that means it's time for the Black Friday 2019 edition of WEEKLY DEALZ! This edition is formatted differently than usual Dealz posts. Please read the guidelines below before you post.

  • Post dealz under the appropriate alphabetical category. Look for a retailer before you post to avoid duplicates.

  • Dealz on specific items are welcome. Post them in response to the comment about the retailer, not the alphabetical category comment (e.g. a good sale on the Pearl bag should be in a reply to a comment about Lo & Sons, not directly under "M-Q" for "Pearl").

  • Feel free to come back to this thread throughout the week to update or add new dealz that pop up, including Cyber Monday.

  • If you know anything about a retailer's sales cycles, you are welcome to contribute to the discussion if you know that they will have better sales at the end of the year. The goal of this is not to convince people how to spend their money, but to help everyone make more informed decisions. Remember that some people are buying gifts or may have a specific color/size in mind and don't want to risk missing out.

  • If you are posting on behalf of a brand, please follow the FFA rules

Update: Mods have stickied the post! :) The Black Friday Weekly Dealz thread will be up until Tuesday, December 3rd. On the 3rd, it will be replaced with a gift megathread. There will not be a Dealz post on Thanksgiving - regular Dealz will hopefully return on 12/5 (I will be traveling, so no promises!). Thanks!!

Have fun and be careful!


I know it’s a bit early, but after thanksgiving holiday parties are right around the corner! What are you wearing? Need help picking between dresses? Matching accessories? Discuss here!


Last week I did the most spectacularly embarassing fall, where my zero-grip trainers caused me to slip and fly across a car park and I proceeded to smash my knees onto the concrete. My jeans were ripped, one side of my coat was soaking, my stuff was everywhere, and my knee was swollen and bleeding.

At this moment in time I realised just how unpractical my clothing was. My trainers had zero grip, my jeans ripped straight away, my coat was not waterproof and was letting in the icy wind, and my shoulder bag definitely helped to propel me... After this I realised I needed to up the practicality of my clothing, not just when I'm being clumsy but just generally in life as I'm fed up of being cold, uncomfortable, and sliding around like bambi. From this experience and from all the amazing tips on here (thank you!!), I've finally decided to invest in more 'technical wear' like a waterproof padded parka, a decent backpack and good grippy boots. Comfort is now my priority (but with a touch of style too of course).

I was wondering if any of you have ever had a similar turning point in your clothing choices or style? Or perhaps a similarly embarassing/painful experience?


I know that I am personally a very practical person when it comes to my outfits. Sure, I might stumble upon a fashionable fit once in a while, but it is usually due to pure coincidence while I attempt to meet my goals of wearing things that are both easy and comfortable.

However, as I actually start to develop an interest in fashion and how I look, I’ve come to realize that, while my practical and frugal ways have generally held steady, I cannot stop thinking about Gucci belts. Perhaps it is because I’ve never owned luxury before, or because I am a college student and have a visceral desire to fit in and be trendy. Ultimately, I know that a $10 target belt will keep my pants up just as well as a $450 belt with a Gucci buckle. But something about the thought of owning and wearing one makes me feel like a high schooler with a crush on the starting quarterback. It is likely unobtainable and something I wouldn’t admit to my peers, but it’s a sweet fantasy that is comforting to fall back into. No longer would I be AfraidFox, I would be AfraidFox with a Gucci belt. Droooooool

So, in the spirit of hearing other fun pieces of fashion and also getting validation for my fixation, what are your nonsensical, impractical, pipe dream wish list items?


Entertain me! All I got is bows before hose.


Brand/Type (satchel, shoulder, backpack, etc.) and does it have multiple pockets/compartments?


I stumbled upon this article The £7,500 dress that does not exist and found it fascinating. The idea is is that brands are starting to sell limited clothing collections that exist in the digital space - for the consumer to download and photoshop onto their body. They point out the likeness to buying custom skins for characters in video games like Fortnite, which I can see to certain extent. Anecdotally I remember spending money on custom wardrobes for my Stardoll account when I was 10-11 years old. However I think a key difference here is the blending of fiction/animation and reality.

It makes me wonder if this is analogous to Facetuning your images.

“He says the technology works for people who want the perfect image. "If you don't like what you're wearing, but you love where you are, you now have the ability to transition your wardrobe, and digitally enhance the photograph to make it look like you're wearing the latest and greatest.”

Will we be seeing a rise in “fake” fashion influencers in the sense that there’ll be people buying and downloading expensive designer clothing (but for cheap, or even free if it goes so far that you’ll be able to pirate digital clothing) to create content with? Yet at the same time, if these “fake” influencers style the clothing themselves, does it then become authentic because the idea is original? Like an upgraded version of the typical clothing collage on fashion blogs circa 2008.

And fashion influencers aside, what does it mean for the average person? Would digital clothing allow us to try trends we wouldn’t dare to try in real life? But why would one spend money on editing together a picture vs going to the store and trying it on in real life?

So what are your guys’ hot take? Will you be buying digital clothes?


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