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Want to know more about a fragrance or find a cheaper alternative? Want suggestions or guidance about what fragrance to try/buy, or where to buy it? Is your favorite bottle discontinued or hard to get and you want something like it? This is the place to ask! We have a dedicated group of redditors here who can help you streamline your search. They don't have all the answers, but many are knowledgeable and willing to help. Please be as descriptive as possible with what you are looking for -- the reason or occasion for the fragrance; gender wearing it; price range, age range, weather conditions; and other fragrances, notes or smells you like or don't like. The better your information, the better the recommendation. And, if someone gives you a good suggestion, please thank them and give their reply an upvote. If you try any, reply back with what's a hit or miss. Giving them gold is also an option, and a tangible way to show gratitude, help encourage more participation, and help keep this thread growing month after month.

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Share with us your latest fragrance finds and buys. Pictures and reviews are encouraged.


I recently got a YSL Black Opium sample from my grandma and I love it for winter. It’s made me wonder if any other guys enjoy a female directed fragrance. Ladies, feel welcome to share any masculine fragrances you like as well!


Hi all, this is my first review here, so bear with me! I was on my quest to find the perfect Christmas tree fragrance. After reading /u/Junior_Surgeon's guide, I knew I had to try the Dasein's. Upon seeing the new scent Winter Green, I also picked up a sample of it. So here is my review on my quest to smell like a Christmas tree :)

Dasein Winter

Notes: blue spruce, black cardamom, forest pine and french lavender

This is the most perfect "Christmas tree" scent there is. It nails the scent of the tree itself, but you also have a ton else going on in the background that I just love. Mainly- the sweet notes and cardamon. To me, it really reminds me of decorating the Christmas tree and hanging ornaments on it and what not while something like sugar cookies are being baked in the background. That smell of the tree right in your face with the sugar and spice lingering in the air.

What a fantastic scent, and I couldn't be happier to have found it. I really recommend this for anytime in the fall or winter, day or night it works excellently due to its slightly gourmand characteristic. I have a bottle on its way.

Performance: 12 hours or so, projects well for roughly half the time.

Score: 9/10

Dasein Winter Night

Notes: coastal forest, driftwood bonfire, cardamom tea, lavender flowers and wild musk.

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Rituals - Bleu Byzantin

Zara - Vibrant Leather

Tom Ford - Ombré Leather

Rituals - Maharaja d'Or

Dior - Eau Sauvage Parfum

Burberry - Body

D&G - The One

La Martina - Tierra del Fuego


I love its smell but 10min after putting it on I don't smell it on myself AT ALL. This doesn't happen with any of the other Creed fragrances I've tried. Some of them may not last extra long, but I clearly got whiffs of them hours after. With MI it's as if the fragrance is completely gone right away. Is it just olfactory fatigue or a bad batch (just got a decant from a reputable source) ? I'm worried about overspraying and then turning out everyone else smells it too much on me.


Howdy all! What did you decide to wear today? I went with Dior Homme Parfum for work today!

Random Fact of the Day:

Russia is bigger than Pluto.


Two fragrances I can't wait to sample are Dior Homme Parfum and Dior Homme Sport.

I've sampled both before, I bought a sample of Dior Homme Parfum off eBay. The only problem is that it had to be a fake, my sample smelt so bad it just had to.

I've seen people saying Homme Parfum smells abit like a luxury handbag and tbf my sample kind of had that smell, the overall smell was just so cold. I can't wait until I get to actually sample the scent that i know is 100% authentic. Most reviews I've seen describe the scent as warm, luxurious, gorgeous vanilla type smell. Mine smelt like handbags and cabbages ahahha.

I've sampled Dior Homme Sport before aswell which was 100% authentic, I remember my mum loving it. Regrettably I didn't pay any attention to it lol. So I can't wait to sample again.

Any reviews of both? I have never seen a bad review of Dior Homme Parfum. I really want to smell the scent fully knowing the scent I smell is authentic. It's so hard to describe a scent but the way some people describe Dior Homme Parfum, I just know I'm going to bum off it for the rest of my life when I get my hands on it lol

Cheers everyone


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