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The simple questions about this year's Secret Santa are starting to get a little out of hand so I thought I'd make a post with some background and answers and hopefully the Mods can sticky this and new users can refer to it over the next week or so.

Background: u/TR15UCK and u/samrej have run this very successfully the past couple years and are graciously volunteering to do it again. Be patient with them as they get everything going, they're doing this out of their own kindness of heart and offering up a lot of free time for nothing in return.

How does it work?: Simply, a sign up post will be created by the hosts and will be stickied here on the front page of r/golf for a week or so. You complete the online form (double check spelling of usernames and everything as that can be a reason you get left off if they can't find the correct profile) and then wait for a bit as they process. Generally in the past they'll post again when everyone has been matched up so you should know by then if something went wrong and you didnt' get matched (mistakes happen on both sides, be polite and work with them and they've been more than flexible in the past with people. If you bitch and moan you deserve nothing and will get nothing. Remember these guys are doing this as a kind service and get nothing back, so don't be ungrateful).

You'll get your match information in an email (you'll provide the email address in the form) from one of the hosts and then you're off! There should be some basic info about preferences and a name and address. Check profiles to learn more about your recipient and get to buying! There's a $25 minimum to try to keep things fair, but the sky is the limit and be as generous as you want to be! Try to get things shipped out as promptly as reasonably possible, remember things get worse the closer to the Holidays we get and people often go out of town around then so the earlier the better in most cases. If you order from Amazon you could easily just ship it to them (add a note with your username so they know what it's from!). Some things may be back ordered or if you're just busy and can't get around to it, make sure you let someone know! Better late than never is fine, but if something is delayed maybe reach out so the person knows something is coming (spoiling the surprise isn't great, but it's better than the alternative of them thinking they got screwed and complaining and you getting put on public blast).

Will I get screwed on shipping?: There will be a spot on the form to select whether you're OK with shipping internationally or not. If not, that's cool and you'll likely be matched locally within reason. If so, it doesn't automatically mean you will have to ship internationally, but they may need some people who are willing to do that in case there are one-offs who can't be matched within their own country (even the guys in Luxembourg deserve gifts too!). Amazon is great for Prime shipping if you don't want to shop locally, but USPS is generally not bad with flat rate boxes within the US.

Why are there hundreds of posts seeking Karma now? Because there's a threshold that you need to clear to be able to participate. This is to try to keep the Scrooges at a minimum and block anyone trying to get a gift without sending one. It's not foolproof, nor is it a hard hurdle to clear, but it clearly worked well last year. I think it's gone a little far, you don't nee hundreds or thousands of karma points to join, just make sure you're active and commenting and not just lurking with next to no comment or post history and you're all set! No need to try to make up for a year of lurking in a few days, just be reasonably present and join in some conversations and you're more than good.

When should I expect to receive my gift by?: Give it some time for sure. Sometimes people go out of town and can't get things taken care of before the actual Holiday. It's rare, but it happens. The guys running it will have more to say about when it's really OK to put on blast the Scrooges, but I'd wait at least a week or so into January before you really assume you got screwed. Then reach out to the hosts who can check with the person who got you and make sure they're still planning to send something (or maybe they did and it got delayed or lost, shit happens). If they don't hear back they'll take it from there and something will get worked out.

What do I do with my awesome new stuff? We all know you're going to want to share that awesome new ball marker or headcover or club or balls or whatever it is that you got and that's great! There's going to be a stickied "What Did You Get" thread up for around a month as things start coming in so head there and post a pic and don't forget to tag your Secret Santa to say thanks! If you got one of the Super Special Secret Santas (u/rockbottomgolf and u/BradleyPutters and u/TaylorMade_Golf along with some others have gone above and beyond for some lucky Redditors in the past years) then I'd say it's ok to say "megathread be damned" and go ahead and post that on the main page for all to see how good a boy or girl you were this year.

Hopefully that covers most things. If it doesn't, give a quick search of this sub and maybe you'll get a quick answer. If that fails, let's try to keep the questions and comments in here and someone who's participated in the past should be able to help you.

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-Tournament - RSM Classic

Course- Sea Island Golf Club: Seaside course; Plantation course
Location - Saint Simons Island, Georgia
Date - Nov 21-24, 2019
Purse - $6,600,000


Tournament Site
PGA Tour Live Coverage
The Field
Tee Times
Pin Sheet
Course Overview
FedEx Cup Standings
Our Discord Server

Broadcast Schedule

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If you want to play blades,

Play blades.

If you want to play a yellow ball, or orange or green or blue...

Play it.

If you make bogey, or double, or triple, or birdie,

Keep playing.

If you want to walk, walk.

If you want to ride, ride.

If you want to join the pushcart mafia,

Do it.

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Fred Couples = GOAT
21 hours ago
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7.7 / Europe
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