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I've been working remotely for this company since January. Its not for me and I've been working on an exit plan since about May. People at this job seem to LOVE their work. When I fly into the office people talk about work both on and off off the clock. They are also heavy drinkers and I don't drink. I feel like an outsider, especially knowing I'm looking to leave eventually and I therefore I have no desire to attend the company party. For reference, the company party is in the South and I am in the Washington state so it would be an all weekend affair to attend a party I don't want to be at for the sole purpose of "playing nice" and being "part of the team."

Is it shitty of me to skip it?


I work in a call centre, and right now micromanagement is going through the roof. It's one of the reasons I'm looking to move into a more professional office environment but I understand other employers might see it as a bit of a red flag as being "difficult to manage".

What are your thoughts?


I have been with my current company for a year. At the one year mark, I qualified for an annual review and a raise. I was planning to prepare for the review and bring some things to the table to negotiate my raise, but my boss caught me completely off guard by holding the review a week earlier than expected and with no notice. They offered me a laughable raise and just being kind of shocked, I signed everything. It's been about a month and I've been kind of stewing about how little I am making. According to Glassdoor, the average salary for this position in my state is about 10% more than what I make and this state is about 14% below national average.

I want to prepare some documentation that supports my belief that I should be making more. I plan to present it to my supervisor saying that if they won't consider an additional raise, I will be giving my notice. This is actually something I am prepared to do. This sub often has good advice and food for thought, so I just wondered what other people thought. Is it appropriate to try to negotiate another raise a month after my review or should I just give notice and move on?


I was with my last company for 4 years and had worked from fashion retail customer service for a large global company, to do their overseas communications, dabbling in e-commerce, project management and training 500+ employees on upgraded client portals. While I loved what I did, I didn’t love the values of the company or how I was treated there. About 2 months ago, my husband and I moved across the country and while we knew it would be a struggle to job search and find something new, I started applying and taking interviews about a month and a half before we left, hoping to have an offer by the time we left.

I had a professional reformat my resume, and change it up for every job I apply for. I’m writing countless cover letters, and my resume is getting me a lot of interviews (at least 2-3 a week). Usually in things like training, stylist, client relations, but I’m also taking interviews for lower level positions as well. For some reason, I can’t get past the interview stages. They always tell me they love me, they want to fit me into their company, that my salary expectations are doable ( I usually go on Glassdoor to research what other people in the field are making). I will touch base with them usually the next day, thanking them for their time, but I NEVER hear back. I’ll follow up about 5-6 days later and the position usually has been filled.

I even asked the last place I interviewed at if they had any feedback for me, and they said they loved me and were impressed, that they just went internal. Is there something more I could be doing? Financially we’re not out on the streets yet, but emotionally, I’m struggling a lot. HELP!


I've worked in customer service since I was 15; cashier, grocery store bakery worker, waitress, hotel cleaning service, dish washer, Subway, you name it. I don't mean to discredit anyone working these types of jobs because they are essential to our society and where I started. I'm just saying that this is my first venture into the office-type world and it seems very daunting and professional!

I recently landed a casual position in what is basically a call center and ATM services and troubleshooting hub at my local bank. They made the position specifically for me because they loved my resume that much and plan on training me up to get the experience to become a full time member. That's great! I'm really excited and thankful, but I can't help but feel like the weird greenhorn.

I start tomorrow and i'm definitely feeling really nervous. I hardly have the clothing to pass for business casual but made a few things work until I can buy some more outfits.

I'm just really concerned that i'm going to end up making an idiot out of myself and get let go because of my lack of experience.

I'd definitely love to hear about you lovely people's experiences entering an office job young and with little experience!


I graduated in December 2018 with a BS in Finance. Since then, I have been applying for jobs for over a year, not just applying to finance jobs, but everything and anything that I feel remotely qualified for. I am at the point where I am getting tired of applying and getting rejection emails saying "they're going with a more qualified candidate" (For roles I am overqualified for), or going to interviews and not receiving a call back. I just want to get my life started. I am starting to strongly consider moving abroad (I live in USA), I just can't take this purgatory called unemployment anymore. Am I being irrational thinking this is a good idea?!


My Wife has been Working retail management for the past year and a half since graduation and hates it, but has not been able to find a transition out of the retail field. She has her B.S in Marketing, does anybody know of any non-retail fields that will look at her managerial experience favorably?


I moved to my current city about 9 months ago after getting a new job. The job wasn't the reason I moved, I just needed to get out of my previous situation and a friend who lived in the area offered to room with me. It's a good setup. My current job, while not terrible, has no future and I want to pursue other things. My position, as of now, has bad scheduling and is 40+ hours a week. The money isn't really important to me at my point in my life, I need to move on to other things, but I can't devote time to that with my current position. I was going to put in my two weeks last Friday but don't like the idea of having no income and don't want to lose my benefits, which are pretty good. On top of that I actually really like my coworkers, a lot, and they've made me feel really comfortable and welcome in a new city far form family and friends. I don't want to lose that.

I want to talk to my boss about moving to a position they are currently hiring for. It's a "demotion" but the way my company works it's not really seen that way. It's a part time position, at most 30 hours a week, but with the same benefits. Either way, I am ineligible to be hired from within the company for it. There are certain exceptions that can be made, but I am not sure if there are any levers my boss has to pull in order for me to get it, nor if he is willing to pull them for me if he could. I say all this because I don't want to make it seem like I am pressuring my boss to do this. I am basically threatening to quit if I don't get this new position. I don't want to make it come across that way. Mentally, I want out, with this new position simply being a compromise between quitting completely, and just getting a little bit more time for myself to work on starting a job with future prospects outside of yearly pay bumps. How do I phrase this? I don't want to say "Give me this other position or I'm quitting" it's just that my current position is draining me and I want something more stable and routine. I want to leave on good terms, because the company does hire people back if they leave and I don't like burning bridges, especially since I think the company has been really good to me, it's just not my future.


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