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r/bulkorcut cut exists. This sub has turned into people just constantly positing pictures of themselves asking whether they should eat above or below maintenance.


Coming from a Kinobody background and after reading Beyond Brawn, this is a variation of RPT program that feels right to me with strength/aesthetics in mind. Any thoughts/criticism?

Workout A Deadlift 2 x 4 RPT Traps (Incline Shrug) 2 x 10 RPT Standing Press 3 x 6 RPT Face Pull 1 x 12-15 + 3 x 4-6 Rest-Pause

Workout B Bench Press 3 x 6 RPT Row 3 x 6 RPT Triceps 2 x 10 RPT Lateral Raise 1 x 12-15 + 3 x 4-6 Rest-Pause

Workout C Squat 3 x 10 RPT Weighted Chin-Up 3 x 5 RPT Calves 2 x 10 RPT Abs 1 x 12-15 + 3 x 4-6 Rest-Pause



I finally reached Martin's advanced strength standards using his rpt program, my body composition has changed significantly from the start. However I still don’t look like I lift when fully clothed? I look athletic and lean. Do I have unrealistic expectations? What should I do? Maybe I should do higher volumes?

I feel disappointed because after reading Martin's FUCKAROUNDITIS article and dedicating years to it I thought his method was the best way to train. Now I am wondering if its high volume 10-15 sets per week.

I’ve always been told that leangains approach isn’t the best for size due to its low volume but I trusted the process

My goal physique is something like this or

Please give me advice. Thank you.


Hey guys, as stated in the title I’ve just started lifting rather late in life, and it’s a big goal to put on some decent lean size. But is it too late?

I’m in a great routine and about 9 months into lifting. I’m doing and upper/lower 4 days a week and starting to thicken up a little, and get some nice definition to my upper body.

My question is, Are there more limitations to hypertrophy at this age? I know test levels and everything start to slow down.. is that it?

Or is it still fair game and just have to suck up the fact I won’t see my dream rig until my mid 30’s.

Would love to hear from blokes who have been through the same sort of thing.


So next year after I’m done with my cut I plan going on a bulk again for 4-6months. I was gonna run the patreon bulk program again but figure I’d try something else this time around.

5/3/1 BBB looked good same amount of simplicity if not more, and more overall work.

But since doing RPT I feel like working up to top set 85-95% on main lifts is ass backwards. So reversing the setup to 1/3/5 seemed like a logical flip on the rep scheme.

So for example Squat 305x1+ [an RPT set] 270x3 240x5



Hi, I'm having a shoulder pain while I bench, which starts even with an empty barbell. I'm working on it with my physiotherapist and naturally he told me to stop benching for some time, until we fix it.

Do you have any suggestions for BP alternatives that wouldn't irritate my shoulder? I'm following Martin's RPT and I'm somewhere between novice and intermediate.


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There are people looking for strength, and there are people looking for hypertrophy. But there are also people like myself and I'm pretty sure some of you as well, who're looking for both. I see people do strength and hypertrophy in the same routine which they call a powerbuilding routine. There's nothing I find wrong with that but I for some reason feel it's better to for some time solely focus of sheer strength and for some time to focus only on hypertrophy. Like for example, I do 3 months of strength then switch to 3 months of hypertrophy, then back to strength, and the cycle goes on continuing. Does this sound okay to you and is there anyone out there who does this? I think it makes sense because on hypertrophy phases we'll build muscle, and the strength training will take care of its maintainence while what it'll also do is neurologically train us to lift heavier which is the only thing we'll be doing in that particular phase. By this way I feel we can get the best of both worlds. What are your thoughts on this?


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