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Hey folks!

Today, r/legaladvice reached one million subscribers. While we don't typically make a big deal of milestones, all of us moderators wanted to take a moment to thank you for making this sub the largest free legal resource in the English speaking world.

When this sub launched 10 years ago, nobody could have expected this community to grow so large or to reach so many people. Back then, I could personally read and respond to every post. Now we average nearly 700 posts and over 4,000 comments every day. That's 700 people a day coming here from around the world to get answers to questions big and small. For every crazy story that makes the front page, a hundred more are quietly answered, never breaking out of the "new" tab.

The remarkable thing is that nearly every one of these hundreds of questions still gets a meaningful and useful response. Tens of thousands of you have lent your expertise to strangers, free of charge, just to help just because you could. That’s more than 100,000 people who protected their housing, kept their honest wages, stayed out of jail, and stood up to the man and won. All thanks to you.

For all the attention that this sub gets, on Reddit and beyond, we're just a drop in the bucket. Our friends at the Legal Services Corporation have found that 80 percent of the legal needs of those who cannot afford to pay for services are not met. We're a place for people to get simple answers to simple questions - but we cannot possibly offer the deep service that millions of Americans need. We cannot draft their contracts, we cannot review their cases in detail, and we cannot represent them in court. Often, all we can do is tell our posters that they do, in fact, need a lawyer.

The problem remains that if you tell the average American that they need a lawyer, they're simply going to drop the issue because they don't believe they can afford representation - and they're often right.

That's why, for all of our gratitude, I'm going to ask one more thing of you.

Please join me in supporting the LSC. We're asking that any who are able give $5.99, the price of Reddit's platinum, towards providing access to justice for those who need it. From legal aid attorneys, to online resources, to self-help portals, LSC and its grantees do what we can’t and they do it on a shoestring.

You have built an amazing community that has done amazing things and will do even more in the coming years. Thank you for trusting us with your questions. Thank you for jumping in to help strangers with your answers. And thank you, most of all, for keeping the spirit of pro-bono service alive and well on Reddit.

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So after we saw that horrid review written by the vet tech (Jane), accompanied by photos of our cat months after we'd had her euthanized, I spoke to the vet clinic's president and let him know I was considering reporting an employee there. He listened to me, then called the clinic to speak to our vet about it and get more information before calling me back. He didn't understand much of what I was explaining to him since he's an older man who doesn't get on the internet, so we arranged to all meet at the clinic so he could look at everything and see what the explanation for it all was. There were multiple calls between him and me and him and the clinic, so meeting in person would make it easier anyway. Here's what happened at the vet's:

We got there and Jane was the one who greeted us, which was pretty weird. In the corridor was the President of The Company (Dr. B). He was really welcoming and asked us to come into a room and sit down. So there was me, my husband, Dr. B, Jane and our regular vet (Dr. No) sat in this little room in a circle.

Dr. B starts out by saying he's sorry we've all had to come together to talk but that he doesn't understand social media etc. so it was just easier for us all to sit down together and discuss it rather than going back and forth over the phone.

Dr. No says he apologizes for what has happened but he doesn't really know what they can do to make things right, and he's wondering why I went to Dr. B rather than coming directly to him.

My husband starts talking about protocol and how, normally, things like this within companies like theirs (he works in a similar industry) have a policy that means if you take photos inside the facility as an employee and talk about clients on a public platform then you're instantly terminated.

I explain that I contacted Dr. B as I really like this vet clinic and wasn't filing a complaint against the clinic as a whole, but just against Jane, so I had contacted Dr. B so he could take an impartial look into things and take action if he felt he needed to without having any kind of tie to Jane and to separate her from his company. If I had called Dr. No he may have tried to brush it under the rug and protected her more, since they work together closely, whereas Dr. B only worked at the other facility and didn't know Jane.

Dr. No says he understands, and that Jane feels bad about it all.

Jane says she apologizes and that there was no malicious intent there, but that the photos were on her "cloud" with all her other photos, which she's sure I saw when I looked through her photos, so that's why I saw my cat there and that it's technically an invasion of her privacy that I've now seen photos of her with her family (???)

I tell her that the review IS malicious and, even if it wasn't directed towards me, it is still unprofessional and shows malice towards customers at her place of work.

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This happened in Utah....I was accused of sexual assault, sexual abuse, lewd conduct in 2016. I found out later the woman said that because I didn’t want a relationship with her. Well I spent 7 months in jail awaiting trial.... a week before trial my lawyer got her text messages and it showed her telling people she lied. So the charges were dropped. A few months later we talked on Facebook and she admitted she lied about the whole thing. A month into me being in jail we had a preliminary trial and she was placed under oath and she just flat out lied(she later admitted in our Facebook messages specifics that she said on the stand that were false). I took screenshots of the whole conversation and sent them to police and they didn’t do squat. Here she is admitting to perjury on a silver platter and they refuse to do squat. My question is what can I do legally to get some kind of justice? She’s just a college student so if I sued her I probably wouldn’t get any money now... is there a way to get a prosecutor to take the case? I called a couple of news agencies in the state and they’re interested in the story... if it came out in the media do you think the prosecutors would feel pressure to finally take action? If I sue her and I get a judgment my way what happens to her if she can’t pay it since she’s just in college?


I recently started a new job, and a coworker of mine has been following me around the workplace and making sexual comments about me ever since I started. I've asked him to stop several times, but he continues to make comments and ask about my sex life.

A few weeks ago, I accidentally mentioned something about my boyfriend and I posting several sexual pictures and videos online. Right away, he said he could probably find it and get me fired, but I thought he was just being creepy. Well today he said he used facial recognition software (which I dont believe) to find them, and he mentioned the username I've posted under. Now he is saying if I dont have sex with him, then he will tell my employer about them to get me fired.

I know OH is an at-will state, so I could be fired for basically anything. I'm also fully aware I put myself in this situation by posting things online, and I used poor judgment by saying anything to anyone. I just want this guy to stop making comments and threats. Another coworker is a long time friend, and he has knew about the vids/pics before I got hired. Recently he has been sending me explicit messages and pictures on snapchat, and I'm worried he will make a similar threat soon as he will likely become a supervisor. I want to gather evidence of the sexual harassment, but it's difficult to do so without them knowing since it is all in person or on snapchat. I'm also afraid I'll be fired if either of them know I have proof. Is this kind of blackmail illegal?

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I had been out of town for about 2.5 weeks. I just got back to my apartment building and found a man in my apartment. He told me that he was an employee of my landlord, who owns a carpentry business, and was doing some work on a wall in the building -- NOT in my apartment. He had unlocked my door with a key given to him by the landlord and was using the apartment for water and the bathroom.

This feels like a blatant breach of contract. What can I do? I have actually been hoping to end my lease in May instead of August. Is there any way I can use this as leverage?

UPDATE: I called my landlord to 1) see if the man was really an employee (he is) and 2) let him know that I'm taking this very seriously.

He told me that the man had entered my apartment to check the smoke detector. The man said nothing of the sort AND, according to my lease, checking them is the responsibility of the tenant. Also from my lease: "Landlord will give tenants 24 hours notice of date, time, and reason for the visit. In cases of emergency, landlord may enter property without notice."

Isn't this a breach of contract?


I've worked at a car detailing shop for about 6 years. I've been in the closet the entire time. The culture where I work isn't very accepting. Last year I got engaged to a man and I kept it low key.

My wedding is next week. I had two weeks of PTO saved up that I was going to use for the wedding/honeymoon. I just told my boss I was taking a vacation to Peru and left out the marriage bit.

My boss found out that I was getting married and he started pestering me about it. When I wouldn't show him a picture of the "bride" he canceled my vacation time and told me if I don't show up to work I'm fired. The wedding is in motion. I have tickets to Peru. I have a hotel lined up. Everything. Yesterday out of desperation I finally broke down and admitted that I am gay and marrying a man.

As soon as I got the words out of my mouth he told me I was fired and to "get my faggot ass out of [his] shop."

So here I am a week away from what should have been the happiest day of my life and I have no job. I burned through my savings to pay for the wedding. What do I do? I'm completely broken up right now and I'm scared. This has completely ruined the wedding for me. I can't stop thinking about losing my job or how I'm going to keep up with my bills and rent.


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Am I required to give that up without a court order? The FBI came into the office and took the medical provider's server and is now asking me for the VMware password.

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We have had a housekeeper for about a year who has been fine -- friendly, does a good job, not too expensive. A few weeks ago she asked my wife if she could have her boyfriend help her out, and my wife just said "fine". The guy arrives at my house with our housekeeper, and we get to talking and he mentions he had spent time in the joint (with no specifics). I relay this info to my wife who first asks the housekeeper what the deal was. The housekeeper says he was in the join in 2005 for a bar fight. My wife googles him and finds out he's a tier-3 registered sex offender with a conviction for sexual assault on someone under the age of 14 in 2015 -- and he's registered at the housekeeper's address.

We have a three year old.

Needless to say, we fired the housekeeper -- but my legal advice question is -- do we just drop it at this point? Or is his being around our child some sort of violation? The guy didn't do anything untoward when he was in the house, mind you. He didn't approach my child, he just did his job and was pilot to all of us. But, I'm sure the housekeeper has other clients and, given she wasn't upfront about this guy and now realizes that she'll likely be fired if a client finds out, she's likely to continue having him go to houses and help clean without informing he clients of his past.

So, drop it or report him?


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