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I mostly deal with petty thievery and drunken brawls.
17 days ago
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Welcome adventurer! Whether you're new on this quest or are towards the end of your journey there should be something below for you.

Daily journal.

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60lbs lost
2 days ago
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GREETINGS SPOOKY CAMPERS! We are now going into Week 6 (WOW - almost there!) of Loseit's stay at Camp Crystal Lake! Your hosts this round continue to be u/lxgo and u/halestorm101312. Head on over to r/LoseitChallenges for all challenge related info!
Week 6 Camp Crystal Lake Itinerary:
  • This week we continue our main challenge of "Infected vs Survivors"! Each week there will be but one surviving team from each head to head battle! Some weeks that means there may be "Survivor vs Survivor" in which case, the winning team for that week will stay Survivors, while the losing team will have succumbed to the side of the Infected! If it is an Infected vs Infected week, the winners shall find the cure and become Survivors, while the losing team will stay Infected. So let's put our game faces on, lace up our shoes, put our war paint on, and get ready to fight to the death!! AHEM I mean, fight for survival!

  • Monday November 18th: Week 6 Mini Challenge posted, and Week 5 winner announced. (I can't wait to find out how many calories were in that meal!)

  • Stridekick Step Challenges - These are open step challenges set up by the fabulous u/HeyHoLetGo for some friendly competition to get everyone moving!

Week 5 Survivors (Winners of the head to head battles):


These winners were determined based on most activity minutes accumulated throughout the week.

Week 6 Head to Head Battle Matchups:
  • Poltergeist v. Sanderson

  • Hannibal Lector v. Winchester

  • Ghost v. Cabin...In the Woods

  • Hellhound v. Samhain


This is going to seem like a very small achievement but I just ran for two minutes uninterrupted on the treadmill and didn’t need to puke or rest after!

I fell off the wagon this week as I was the point person for an elderly family member in the hospital. In addition it was my daughter’s third birthday and well ... I ate all the feelings that I felt. I couldn’t make it to the gym this week and saw my gains (or rather losses) erased on the scale. It has been kind of a discouraging week for weight loss.

The last time I tried running on the treadmill I made it 30 seconds and needed a break. That was last month. But I just tried it again and ran for two solid minutes and didn’t feel completely wiped after.

It’s good to know that even though I’ve gained back a good chunk of what I lost, I haven’t completely lost my invisible gains.

Edit: I wound up running for 15% of my cardio today, in two minute spurts. I’ve never done that before and I’m stupidly proud of myself for it.

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21F/5'8"/SW 187.8/CW 162.6/GW 122
10 hours ago

For years I bought into the "your weight is fixed and there's nothing you can do to change it" narrative until one day I just decided to try CICO and if it didn't work then oh well I'd just go back to normal, but to my surprise it did work and I haven't looked back since. Everyone in my family is pretty stocky so I just figured that it was just in my dna to be "big boned" and that's just how it was. Well there is some element of truth to that, I still have massive hands and wrists for my height and I'm still pretty tall, I found that I could still lose weight. To be honest, I don't feel drastically different or better but I do look a lot better. Everyone I meet is really surprised that I still eat carbs and fat and I'm still losing weight because most of the people that I know have only tried trendy diets and then gave up on them after a month because they were so restrictive. I've found that for me cutting down portion size and cutting down on calorie filled drinks has helped the most and been the easiest to do. I still have a long way to go to look the way I want but I'm really proud of the progress I've made so far as it's the most weight I've ever lost. I'm down from a size 14 to a size 10 and I could probably fit into an 8 if I really wanted to. I know this isn't as drastic or as big of an accomplishment as a lot of other people on here have had but it still feels like a lot to me. Wish me luck on the rest of my journey!

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5’11 SW: 216 | CW: 145.8 | GW#3 145
1 day ago

here’s the skirt

A few years ago I lost a bit of weight after getting my wisdom teeth removed and bought this skirt (okay yeah I know it’s ugly, it’s part of its charm). I wore it a few times that winter and then put it in my closet. Then I started gaining more weight without really noticing. Then I couldn’t zip this up anymore at all and it became a symbol of how much weight I gained. I started losing weight in January and around March the skirt fit again. I wore it and cried because I was so happy to finally be as thin as I was when I wore it the first time. Now, it falls off my hips if I let go of it. I have lost 70 pounds since January, women’s XXL/XL, 14 pants and 34HH. Now I wear S/M, 2-4 pants and a 30F. Mostly intuitive eating, walking and recently started going to the gym. Just wanted to share because I feel so proud and amazed.

EDIT: wanted to add a more general before and after photo. I don’t have any real before photos because I didn’t originally intend on losing weight. But here’s the best comparison I could find Jan 19/Nov 19 !!!!

EDIT2: Wow thank you all so much for your kind words. This subreddit has helped me remember why all of the hard parts are worth it. another comparison

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27½kg lost
4 hours ago

As for context, I'm a 16 y/o male that was obese for the majority of his live.

Well, about 3 months ago I wanted to turn it arround, I was seriously at a point where I wouldn't even want to look in the mirror because of my obesity. So I set myself a goal, and got started. Tried keto in the beginning but it didn't work then resorted to calorie reduction and counting as well as cycling and, surprise suprise IT WORKED. Since then I have lost ~27KG and I'm really starting to feel comfortable in my body for the first time ever if I'm honest. I'm still haven't achieved my final goal but I'm pretty close. About 5% more in body fat to go. I just wanna thank everyone for the great advice that they're giving out to help others.

It has helped me dramatically.

Thanks. <3


I was very addicted to video games when I was young, and was fat my whole life due to it. In the sixth grade I weighed 350 lbs, I knew I had to do something. So I joined "football conditioning" for weight loss and the team and coach wasn't cool with it after the first year because I wouldn't join the team, so I quit at the end of my seventh grade year, and had gotten down to 280 lbs.

After I quit the conditioning I didn't exercise at all, and gained it all back, and then some by the time I graduated (last year.) So seven months ago I decided to change myself and my lifestyle, I started my journey with cico, 1200 calories a day (although i did get up to 1500-1800 some days), going to bed by 10:30 every night, and 7k steps atleast five days a week.

I also started weight lifting a month ago before the 7k steps because I heard something about lean muscle burning more idle calories than fat, but idk. I had my weight checked two days ago and im down to 215 lbs!(97 kg I think.) I kinda wish I would've known my weight before I started but I'm glad I don't lol. In the progress pics the before is two or three months after I started so im not at full chonk, but I'd say I was atleast 300 lbs in it. what do you all think?


So, a few years ago I embarked on my weight loss journey. I did pretty well for about a year and lost about 115lbs. Then, my gallbladder failed. I was sick all the time until I got it removed and also had horrific bouts of heartburn and acid reflux. During my recovery, I allowed myself to eat whatever didn't upset my stomach and didn't worry about calories since some days I could eat nothing at all. Once I recovered , I fell off the wagon completely. I gained all the weight back and then some.

I now weigh almost 400lbs when I had been down to 250 before. I cannot and will not be this fat again. I have reactive airway disease from the reflux, I have no energy, my clothes don't fit, and I'm all around uncomfortable in my own body. I am starting this journey again, and will make it to my destination come hell or high water!


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I mostly deal with petty thievery and drunken brawls.
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