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Boy, has a lot of changed in the last few days.

First, it is with great sadness that three of our current mods are stepping down :(

Each of them has tremendous responsibilities that have come up in their lives, some good and some heavy. It’s definitely not for a lack of love for the sub though, I can guarantee that. Please keep u/megannalexandra, u/Giraffies, and u/lenaandcats in your thoughts as they move forward with their lives. EVERY SINGLE ONE of them has been absolutely amazing.

Now for some upcoming changes to the sub…

First and foremost, we are going off of Approve Only. This is why people’s posts have not been showing immediately after being submitted, but had to be approved by a moderator. As a temporary measure, flairs will be automatically applied to every new post notifying users that it has not been approved yet and to use additional caution when dealing with said post. Once it’s approved by a mod, we will apply the appropriate flair to the post. This change to the flairs is only temporary.

During that time, we will be prioritizing the applications for mods and preparing for a change to a more permanent solution. You will begin to see users receive a new flair. This means that all 3 of the user's last sale posts have been consistent and without conflict. This should not be seen as an endorsement by us, just that they haven’t had any notable issues recently.

That user flair is in preparation for another change: Anyone who posts without that flair will have to have their post approved by a mod before it shows in the sub. This means that new users and sellers who have had recent conflicts will have a bit of a slowdown before their post is live, but they can still post. This will give us an important buffer to be able to find sellers who try to evade bans by using alts. We look to implement that in the coming weeks (enough time that our regular sellers can post without issue). Their posts will still go through the normal verification process, but their posts will not show in the sub immediately.

A couple of other changes- Two of the temp mods are wizards at creating bots. We have in the works 2 separate things that will help us out immensely. First, we are almost ready to go live with a bot that will automate the Request Megathreads :) These will continue to be at random times on Sundays and Wednesdays, but the time will be truly randomized. Second, a bot is in the works to verify that someone has not broken the 7-day rule, thus streamlining the verification process for us.

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Please follow the following rules while using the Request MegaThread:

  1. Each community member can make one request comment per Request MegaThread to purchase items. No swap requests.

  2. Do not edit or delete your comments! If you want to fix formatting, you may do so in a child comment.

  3. Do not use child comments to additional requests. Child comments may be used for reformatting, clarification, or adding information related to shipping and payment.

  4. Non-makeup beauty related items may be requested (this is the only exception to Rule 7), non-beauty items are still not permitted. Enforcement is up to the discretion of the moderators.

  5. All [subreddit] ( and sitewide rules are applicable. Discretion is up to the moderators.

If you have questions please [send us a modmail.] (

How to use the Request MegaThreads:

If you'd like to purchase something from other MUE members, make a new parent comment in the thread detailing:

  • the item(s) you'd like to buy


Lowered price again to get all of this stuff out of my apartment!!! MAKE ME AN OFFER :)

Prices below do not include shipping - Shipping to USA ONLY.

No shipping minimum. USPS starting at $4 and increasing by weight! I accept payment via Paypal F+F (but please cover fees if paying G+S)

I feel I've been pretty fair with the pricing, but definitely willing to consider offers especially if you're purchasing more than one item :) Help me get this stuff out of my apartment.

If I have not heard back from you within 2 hours time, I will move onto the next person in line.

Thank you!

HourglassConfession Ultra Slim Lipstick RefillMy Icon Is$11 / Full Size (Original Price: $22)Never Used + In Original Box (NOTE: This is a REFILL)
Kat Von DStudded Kiss LipstickPiaf$10 / Full Size (Original Price: $22)Swatched
KKW BeautyNude Creme Lipstick4 Nude$7 / Full Size (Original Price: $18)Swatched (Small Nick On Top From Closing)
Lime CrimeVelvetines Lip LinerPetunia$6 / Full Size (Original Price: $16)Swatched

Trying to sell everything as quickly as possible. PP F&F is fine, if G&S please cover fees. Prices do not include shipping. Shipping starts at $4 and increases by weight.

Will consider offer but please do not lowball. Timestamps will be honored up to 2 hours.


-Natasha Denona Sunset : Used a handful of times, 2-3 shades have a slight dip; $50

-Bad Habit Aftershock : BNIB; $8

-Bad Habit Cult Mayhem {PMG dupe} : NIB, Victory came broken, smudged it back together; $13

-Bad Habit Artistry {KKWxMario Dupe} : BNIB; $10

-Jacob and Eli Hidden Gems : Used once, brush hit one shade; $4

-Kevyn Aucoin eyeshadow Duo : Used 2x, nail chipped one shade; $15

Posted by
2 hours ago

Just a small sale this time. Open to exchanging, but would prefer to sell. Add $4 for shipping. PayPal only, US only.

  • NARS PowerMatte Lip Pigment in Save The Queen- used 2x $12

  • Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lip in Fiore- used 1x $7

  • Lime Crime Velvetine in Faded- used 2x $12

  • Lime Crime Velvetine in Riot- used 2x $12

  • Lime Crime Plushies in Blackberry- used 1x $12

  • MAC lipstick in Please Me- used 3x $7

  • Mac Mineralize Blush in Dainty- very light use, no dips $14

  • Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in Prosecco Pop, very light use, no dips $20

  • Becca First Light Priming Filter- new with box $18

  • Stila Suede Shade Shadow in Bust A Mauve- swatched $7


Selling I Heart Revolution mini eye pallet and mini bronze and highlight duo. Brand new in box, eye pallet box kind of damaged but nothing bad. Shipping $3-4 depending on zip.

Rose Gold Chocolate Eyeshadow Pallet: $10 Bronze and Glow Duo: $10 Buy both for $15

Sorry for bad formatting I’m on mobile

Edit: Verification

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Hello everyone! :) thank you for stopping by. i would like to sell items that didn't work for me.

> i am shipping from California and starts at 3.50

> i accept Paypal F&F as well as G&S, buyer pays the fees

> pet free and smoke free home

> if you change your mind about an item, please let me know. if i don't get a response in a few hours i will move on to the next person in line.

Face Makeup

verification album

> IT cosmetics bye bye redness neutralizing correcting cream in Transforming porcelain beige. i only watched it once with a clean spatula. 9$


I really need to get rid of this stuff so I'm pricing almost everything below $5. Shipping from Southern California. My service fee is the Paypal estimated shipping cost + 0.50 for packaging + paypal fee. Usually it starts at $3.

$5 minimum. First to pay gets the item. **The products purchased in the set cannot be swapped out.**

Face Products

Photo 1

  • Becca Mousse in Palm Beach. Deluxe mini. BRAND NEW never used. $2

  • Cover FX Bubbly. Deluxe mini. Used 1x. $2

  • Cover FX Candlelight. Full size. Used 3x or less. $24

  • Benefit Dew the Hoola. Deluxe mini. BRAND NEW never used. $2

  • Nars Anguilla matte multiple stick 95% left. $13 (Retail: $39, over 50% off)

  • Mac Gilty Bronze Skinsheen Stick Limited Edition. 90% left. $8

  • Hourglass veil primer. Deluxe mini. Brand new in box. $5

  • Benefit Watts Up highlighter stick deluxe mini. Used 5x or less. $2.50

  • Nars Custard deluxe mini concealer. Used 3x. $4

Photo 2

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