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TN/AFP + Weird migraines.
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Hey all! I had hoped the wiki to be running by now, but as with anything making it great takes time. In the mean time I wanted to sticky a post to highlight some of resources we have in place already.

We get a lot of common questions, for which an FAQ on the wiki is being built to help with. For now though reddit's built in search is a great way to find common questions about almost anything. Just enter a medication, treatment, or really anything and it's likely to have a few dozen results. Don't be afraid to post or ask in our chat server (info below) if you can't find an answer with search, though you should familiarise yourself with the rules before hand.


An account with a verified email is required to chat. If you worry about spam and use gmail, using a +modifier is a good idea! There's no need to use the same username either.

The chat server was started a few months back with the goal of filling the gap between the subs somewhat erratic pace, and to help people connect more easily. There's over 30 users in chat now, so come by and introduce yourself! If you run into issues, feel free to send us a modmail or ping @mods on discord. The same rules here apply in the chat server.



About a year and a half ago, I came down with a migraine that hasn’t gone away since. It’s been a major disruption to my life and changed many things I used to take for granted. I wasn’t able to attend high school because the administration completely ignored and even once flat out denied my condition. We tried, without success, to apply for accommodations on several occasions. We had no choice but to lawyer up. The school settled with us, but one of the terms of the agreement barred me from returning to the school district. It really hurt me when I learned I wouldn’t be able to rejoin my classmates, because the one thing I miss most is the social environment school provides. However, I have since taken (and passed!!!!) the California High School Proficiency Exam, meaning I don’t need to spend months on make-up work, or worry about my incomplete grades in high school. I am planning to enroll in my local city college, and to take one or two classes to get used to being in class again. I was still worried about feeling isolated or intimidated, but I just learned I have two friends already there willing to show me around! Fortunately my city college is exceptionally equipped for disabled students and extremely low cost to enroll ($46?). I am just so excited to be able to design an education plan that goes at my own pace, and to choose what subjects I’m most motivated to study, and at what times and days I have classes. Everything I fought so hard to get in high school yet never received is just going to be handed to me here. I finally feel like I have the correct infrastructure to succeed and thrive, and I can’t remember the last time I was this excited for the future. TL;DR: fuck migraines, fuck high school, I’m gonna do whatever I want


Is the general consensus to stop usage and allow the pregnancy or do most doctors recommend terminating? I know this stuff, specifically emgality, stays in your system for months...


I've had chronic migraines since i was about 12 (28f) and every few months or so i notice a new symptom. I've steadily gotten worse as i got older and it's making me bitter.

For those who are A) older than me and B) who have had it longer than me, what can we expect as we age? I've heard that a lot of people had their migraines go away after menopause so i'm kind of excited about that prospect. I think i would be less angry if i knew what the possibilities would be...


Currently I take propranolol daily to help prevent migraine. When a bad headache or migraine is coming on I take sumatriptan. This doesn't always work. I also take codeine/paracetamol with the sumatriptan and sometimes naproxen as well. I've had pain now for over 24 hours despite a long sleep, food and water. What are my next steps in terms of different medications from my doc? I am in the UK.


13yo. i was just told by my doctor to take more propranolol and was prescribed zolmitriptan.

i felt a migraine coming on so i took one 2.5mg. and it’s around an hour and a half later and.... oh god.

everything hurts. my face feels like it’s on fire. is this a side effect? has anyone else had a bad experience with zolmitriptan? it’s so bad i’m physically crying.


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Also see the sticky resources thread.

Crisis resources

You can find a list of crisis hotlines on this wiki. There's also an FAQ about what to expect when calling.

For medical help, the emergency room is always the first choice. Most insurance offers nurse help lines as well.

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TN/AFP + Weird migraines.
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