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Official Malware Removal Guide

by: /u/cuddlychops06 for r/techsupport // Updated: September20th, 2017.

Changelog: 9/20/17 - Updated some screenshots, removed JRT recommendation - see below


If you suspect you are infected with Crypto malware (Cryptowall, Cryptolocker, TeslaCrypt, etc) DO NOT follow this guide! Please make a post instead. Your files are at stake.


Purpose & Scope of this Guide:

This guide is designed to assist you in removing malware from an infected system that successfully boots. If your computer is completely unable to boot due to malware, please make a post, as this guide will not help you. If you perform the following steps exactly as described, this will solve your problem in over 90% of scenarios. That said, not all malware is created equal, and not all malware removal tools are created equal. The tools recommended in this guide were picked because of their high success and low failure rates, measured on a very large scale. However, there will be times that this guide fails in removing malware. If that is the case, please make a post for further assistance, stating that this guide was unsuccessful. It is recommended to only accept advice from a “Trusted” technician. I am writing this guide in layman’s terms so that most people will be able to understand it with ease.




I am currently going through a custody evaluation with my ex. We have a daughter together. My ex has presented the evaluator with thousands of screenshots from my personal cell phone. This includes every text I've sent in the last 8-10 years. Conversations between my friends and I, conversations between my other children and I, conversations between my other children's dad and I. He also has screenshots of personal emails I've sent. He's essentially been documenting things off of my phone in secret for the entire time that I've known him.

I genuinely don't know how he gained access to all of this. One theory I have is that he snuck onto my phone while I was asleep and sent himself screenshots and then covered his tracks but I am a light sleeper and sleep next to my phone. My phone had a password but he may have seen me type it in at some point. The volume of screenshots he has makes it seem unlikely that I wouldn't have caught him at some point. Another theory is that he downloaded some sort of software or app on my phone that gave him access to these things. I am not tech savvy so I don't know how to check for that sort of thing.

He set up our router and all things tech in our home while he lived here and I found it suspicious that he was so willing to leave behind the router when he fought tooth and nail over everything else and even stole some things when he moved out.

I have no clue how to handle this situation and I am also concerned that he may still be spying on me and my children and/or our home. I would appreciate any advice that could be given.


So I got Disney+ recently. Is anyone having a problem with Disney+ on PS4/XBOX platforms? Whenever I use it on my PS4 and XBOX my shows constantly glitch and buffer. However when I use it on mobile or computer, it works perfectly fine. Does anyone else have this struggle?


So yeah, computer goes to sleep with 5.1 audio working fine, then when woken up I see this when I right click on the sound icon in the system tray:

The only way I've found to get 5.1 active again is to go to the computer and unplug and re-plug the DisplayPort cable that's being used for audio. I use HDMI for the video so I can use HDR and DisplayPort for the audio so I can have 5.1.

Anyone know how I can get the 5.1 rolling again after wakeup/reboot without having to mess with the actual physical connection?



Hello. I bought a pavilion HP gaming laptop off of ebay in new condition, the warranty is of course, expired. It did not come with a recovery disk.

I'd like to preface this by saying Im computer ignorant and Im sorry for that, but help is really appreciated. Im 17 and Ive been wanting a gaming laptop for so long, so this is quite disappointing.

Windows forced an update, I left for awhile and came back to a black screen saying there was a boot failure. Ive gotten the blue screen of death multiple times with the boot failure message.  I cannot boot into Windows 10 or BIOS.

I occasionally get the "preparing automatic repair" screen but it never shows a loading circle or progress bar and eventually shuts off.

It sometimes boots into the HP recovery software, but the factory reset option is greyed out and unable to be chosen. When I try ryping the factory reset cmd in the cmd box, it doesnt work.

There is no restore point made on my pc as I only got it less than 24 hours before the problem, I didnt think to do that just yet.

I DID manage to get it to boot up correctly at one point, but I have no idea how. This means the motherboard and hard drives are working at least.

I cant tell you how much Ill appreciate any help with this. Both my tech savvy father and friend cant figure this out, and I feel like I've tried everything.

Im also very open to factory resetting it, I have nothing important on the PC. My father yelled at me and said it would uninstall windows 10, though. Im not sure if thats true.


I have a question. My pc has 4gb ram card. If I add another 4gb card will it have an effect or do I need to invest in a better ram card?

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I can supply pics of the device, but don’t want to break post rules as I only see the option for text.

Long story short, I bought my car, w good credit, from a major car dealer in 2013 when it had just come off a 3 year lease.

The car is fully paid for as of two years ago.

Lately I’m having a few mechanical issues and my mechanic took a look at it and discovered a GPS tracker device. He immediately recognized it as it has occasionally installed similar devices for a few “buy here / pay here” dealerships.

This was installed under my steering column w a zip tie.

I have a pic and the serial number and my mechanic demonstrated to me how it is active and still throwing a signal.

I am stumped. And want to track down more details before I approach the dealership or the police. Can I use the serial number to find any details at all?

Thanks in advance.


I noticed a small black spot on my monitor and now that I see it I REALLY see it. The monitor is an MSI MAG24C 1080p LED. I'm gonna attach all the pictures I took in one album and here's some explanation.

edit: you'll have an easier time seeing these pics on a smaller screen. Opening them on my computer washes the red green and blue ones out to the point where I can't see the dim spot, but it's pretty easily visible on my phone.

In the first pic on a white screen you can clearly see this black dash. It's not a piece of dirt on the screen, and when I look at it with my eyes it almost looks like it's "behind" the pixels. Second pic is a white screen but now individual pixels are discernible. It looks like the pixels creating the black spot are "on?" You can clearly see RGB from them but you can also see, maybe not so clearly, that there is distinct faintness near the top of the three circled. Then the rest of the pics are red green and blue screens. I know it's pretty hard to see it on the blue screen but I can see it with my eyes. If you zoom a little you might have better luck.

So, if the pixels are making color, why do they look black at normal viewing and why do they look dim up close? I'm not too well educated on pixels and pictures. I ran a "stuck pixel repair" for about ten minutes to no avail.

Appreciate any help. I don't think my monitor is within warranty anymore :/

Thank you.


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