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Ep 14 begins with a rough cut viewing of ‘Cleaver,’ an extension if you will of Little Carmine’s subspecies. As investors and their I’m guessing James Wan stand in discuss the film Tony interrupts reminding his errant nephew of his captain’s responsibilities. Christopher in turn laments the lack of interest his death wish flick has inspired in the person it’s directly aimed at. And yes that sentence is as clunky as it is nakedly honest.

One of the more interesting points to notice this many rewatches in his how straight up brazen Tony and his would be right hand man insist on acting out this subconscious hate fest. I mean, freaking Carmela even catches on and eventually Tony himself in therapy. I’ve noted previously how bifurcated Tony’s mindset can be when dealing with gangland politics and hedging the particulars of his personal life. Christopher for obvious reasons coasts on this border creating these odd blind spots at times, here in particular.

Johnny Sack receives some terrible news about his diagnosis. Curatola for his part is really great here making you practically forget what an iron fisted leader he reigned as while he heaves like Baccala Sr. walking up steps. I also like the little touch of Johnny’s FBI handlers having been with him so long that they’ve developed a working cordiality with one another. After returning to Federal prison he breaks the news to his wife and daughters as delicately as he can. The world’s apparently smartest orderly however buoys his spirits by planting doubt about the progression of his cancer.

While retrieving the daily paper in his best bathrobe Tony is sandbagged by the Feds. They reiterate the suggestion earlier made to Chris about both of their outfits collaborating on fighting terrorism, a suggestion Tony waves off. I have to admit I had no idea what Harris was talking about when referencing previous collaboration. I came upon something called ‘Operation Husky’ but found too many contradicting interpretations about it to think to link anything here. Interesting rabbit hole, though.

At the premiere for ‘Cleaver’ Tony and his little nephew toast his success. Again, watching Ro and Carm exchange subtle glances when Sally Boy seduces the girlfriend as their real inspiration pat each other on the back is positivly surreal by this point. Loved Tony Darrin and his bawls’ brief but much appreciated appearance. (Just as an aside, Blanca is kind of unbearable here. Maybe keep your relationship drama off the dinner table.) Huh, that was an interesting catch.

Later, Tony attempts to appeal to Phil’s previous ambition with the old man promptly deferring to his protege, Gerry Torciano. It’s an interesting reversal with Tony hypocritically asking him to think less about good things like grandkids and essentially buy himself another heart attack. At the very least it’s well placed politicking and not for nothing shows how dysfunctional the Lupertazzis are becoming that Porkchop feels the need to stick his beak in.

Johnny Sack and his brother in law discuss his health as well as the effect it’s having on their family. Feeling every ounce of his illness John outright asks X Ray specs how he’ll be remembered. Anthony speaks from the heart about him being a devoted husband and father. The all but buried boss asks about his legacy as a gang leader to which Infante at first hedges himself. He then relates that despite his solid leadership NY’s capo’s war would be a dominant part of his legacy.

While bumming a smoke in exchange for mob stories John is confronted by his indignant wife and daughter. His in house stalker Feldman attempts to justify his obsession’s indolent behavior practically contradicting his own diagnosis in favor of his mafioso fandom. Man, Warren is one frightening dude. He’s not often mentioned on this sub’s list of villains but his recitation of his crimes was downright chilling. Manipulating a dying man’s hopes really shouldn’t be the least of your crimes.

Christopher seems to have bounced back from his earlier mistakes and ditched his previous enabler, Julianna. He ruefully notes how ostra(f)cized he feels from his inner circle after trying to get clean. It’s a fair point though obviously just one of the few he can share with his new sponsor. I’m sure on some level Chris appreciates the way the secrecy of LCN helps in camouflaging the part he plays in his own problems.

Silvio is nearly killed during Doc’s hit on Torciano. (As has been noted this scene, Eugene’s hit in ‘Members Only’ as well as Bobby’s comments about most likely being taken unawares while getting clipped are usually presented as a type of dress rehearsal for ‘Made in America’s conclusion. I consider these solid pieces to come to a certain conclusion that we’ll get to later.)


To be fair, they don't serve hot dogs and the bleachers were taken out last year.


Anyone going to SopranosCon this weekend? Will be there myself and would love to meet up with any fellow Sopranos redditors! This community is hilarious and always on-point with best references. Having this group brings out more and more of the show. Cheers everyone!

Edit: for context. Heard from some awesome people already - DM me if you want to grab a beer while we’re there and talk about wet shoelaces!


When Tony literally passes him a beer on the boat.


My guess is that Tony beats the shit out of Noah and goes into a racially fueled rant to meadow. Then not too long after he has one of his guys wack him


Prove me wrong


When Junior dramatically looks in all directions to find the speaker, I laugh every time. And the disgusted look on Jackie Jr.'s face is priceless.


While we don’t know the exact debt that Beansie owed Richie (except for the fact it was major dollars) what could have been done on Beansie’s side to prevent his legs from getting busted?

A piece of the pizza shop? Payment plan? Prosciutto sandwich?


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