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Edit: the reason being that too many of you fail to read and follow the rules. And honestly, I'm sure those of you complaining about spending 1 second to post a comment are probably the ones that ruined it for everyone else

In about 2010, when I was 8 years old, I hurt my wrist. My parents told me they’d let me sleep it off in their room, and they’d see how it was in the morning (They weren’t home that night). I took up an ice pack up and watched Disney channel for a few hours before I could fall asleep. I woke up at about 2:00 am, and a “youre watching Disney channel” type thing was on the tv. It showed an orange screen, with the Disney logo, and a white rabbit in the bottom left corner. For a few seconds, the ad was silent, with the rabbit looking like it was chewing on something. Then suddenly the rabbit opened its mouth and screamed. Not a high pitched rabbit sound, like a human scream. And there was some sort of visual effect as well. The rabbits face may have been distorted, the screen may have slightly zoomed in on it, something along those lines. It was just very jarring. Then I think it just went back to normal, it was quiet again for a second or two, and normal Disney started to play. It sounds stupid but it scared tired 8 year old me. It certainly could have been a dream but I’ve been thinking. I remember spending some time afterwards wondering what I’d just seen, and it made me jump so I couldn’t sleep for a while afterwards. My memory is way more vivid than any dreams I’ve ever had. Also I think I remember telling my family about it the next day. As for why I didn’t rewind to see if it was real, my parents had an old tv so I couldn’t rewind it. Lastly I thought it may have been some Halloween thing, but it was spring when this happened. Any ideas what it was? Anyone have the clip? Thanks. here’s something i made to show what it generally looked like Edit: the rabbit was live action


Okay, so this is a weird one. But I saw an article on TIL about the "Unknown Inmate" in Canada yesterday and it triggered a memory.

A bit of a different situation, but I remember reading years ago about a convict in the US prison system that has basically been denied any legal rights, and nobody is quite sure why.

What I remember is that a lawyer was working on his case, but the courts wouldn't release basic information such as what crime he was guilty of, or even the convict's identity.

My impression was that this wasn't Guantanamo or a military prison or anything like that, implying that this convict wasn't considered a terrorist.

Does anyone else remember this?

Edit: I'm thinking of an article describing a real case, NOT a movie or TV show, sorry for the confusion!


It's a pixel rpg style game and I think is the second in a series?? I can't remember and everyone I ask have no idea so I'm starting to think I dreamed it existing. I know there is a kid who can see ghosts and is the only one you can directly communicate with. You also can't remember who you are. I remember it so clearly but just can't remember the name.


Hey there,

I am looking for a movie that allowed people to enter the past (like 1910s, 1920s, 1950s, I don't remember) and live there, like in a virtual reality, and you can go there together.

The simulated people in the simulated past version of the world live as if they were real, and you can enter the simulated world and talk with them etc.

It also was a romantic story I think, and also I think one of the simulated people tried to kill the "magic time-travellers", either because he realized he is only simulated or because he is just suspicious of them.

In the end there is a twist in which you realize that the apparent reality is yet another virtualization.

I think the movie title might even give a subtle hint to this twist, mentioning layers or something, but I'm not too sure about that.

Thank you!


It's probably older than 90s but that's when I learned the song in school. It is something about "kaze" (wind) going "fuu fuu"


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