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Hey travellers!

In this new series of weekly threads we want to focus on regions that have a lot to offer to travellers: the towns, nature, and other interesting places whether they are lesser or more known. If more known provide more in depth suggestions like tours, things to do, places to eat, etc.

Please contribute all and any questions / thoughts / suggestions / ideas / stories / highlights about this travel destination, whether it be places you want to see or experiences you have had.

This post will be archived on our wiki destinations page and linked in the sidebar for future reference, so please direct any of the more repetitive questions there. Please click here for list and dates of future destinations. If you notice an area of a region is not listed it is likely it will be a future topic or it may have been a prior topic as a country or city. Please focus on the specific regions in the submission unless it was not a prior or future topic.

Only guideline: If you link to an external site, make sure it's relevant to helping someone travel to this city. Please include adequate text with the link explaining what it is about and describing the content from a helpful travel perspective.

Example: We really enjoyed the Monterey Bay Aquarium in California. It was $35 each, but there's enough to keep you entertained for whole day. Bear in mind that parking on site is quite pricey, but if you go up the hill about 200m there are three $15/all day car parks. Monterey Aquarium

Unhelpful: Read my blog here!!!

Helpful: My favourite part of driving down the PCH was the wayside parks. I wrote a blog post about some of the best places to stop, including Battle Rock, Newport and the Tillamook Valley Cheese Factory (try the fudge and ice cream!).

Unhelpful: Eat all the curry! [picture of a curry].

Helpful: The best food we tried in Myanmar was at the Karawek Cafe in Mandalay, a street-side restaurant outside the City Hotel. The surprisingly young kids that run the place stew the pork curry[curry pic] for 8 hours before serving [menu pic]. They'll also do your laundry in 3 hours, and much cheaper than the hotel.

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I am travelling from the UK to the USA, can I bring freeze dried food to the usa?

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So I have a super narrow window where I can travel (basically the next 3 weeks). So I thought of going to some of the islands in Thailand. Can anyone tell me what they're like this time of year? Will there be other travelers? Is the weather good ( i.e hot :) ), amount of rain? If anybody knows, are there good conditions for scuba diving?

Thanks in advance for any help !

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Just learned of Cancelon’s bait and switch tactics from a personal experience and wanted to warn others.

They now offer regular bookings for hotel rooms vs. reselling others’ reservations. The problem is that they advertise FREE cancellation during the booking process, but after booking send you a confirmation voucher attachment that includes small print that states they charge a “processing fee” for said “free” cancellation (seems to be about 10% of the total). If you complain, they ask you for a screenshot of the booking process from the exact day you booked to “prove” it.

Lots of complaints on BBB on this. Be careful!


Hi, we're a young-ish American couple living in the Netherlands and we would like to visit a snowy, cozy country sometime next month. However, we don't have a car. We looked at Stenaline (a ferry company), and they only appear to offer travel to the Nordic countries by car. This made us worried that maybe it would be too hard to navigate lots of places in Scandinavia without a vehicle.

Is there a place that you recommend, that we could fly or "boat" (? is that a verb?) into and get around on foot or with public transport? Preferably not something incredibly expensive*. We've been thinking about Oslo, Stockholm or Reykjavik, but perhaps those are not great without a car, or maybe there's a better place to go to?

Our hobbies and interests: bars, nature, history, food, mythology, exploring old cities, shopping.

We are pretty quiet and reserved, and we don't like loud, touristy places that are meant for partying and clubbing.

Edit: budgetary info. We'd like to stay somewhere for two to three nights and spend less than 700 euros total.


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