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If you are new to the sub or new to yoga, WELCOME! There is an immense amount of information available in this sub, and an excellent community of people.

If you're here for the challenges, the list is in the stickied comment, here. :) Enjoy!

If you're brand-spanking-new, please take a few minutes to read through the Getting Started section.

If you have a question, PLEASE check out the FAQ and try search before creating a new post. As noted in rule 2, commonly asked questions are removed and directed to the above - especially at the start of the year when the same question is often posted multiple times a week or even a day.

The Basics

Styles - there's a nice rundown of the various styles in the FAQ - here's a direct link.

... but where do I START?

If you've never done yoga EVER and are going to start with a studio class and you're terrified, a restorative class is a good introduction to a studio and the various props. From there, as mentioned in the Getting Started section, hatha is a solid choice. Pick up the basics, and everything else is easier to learn.


Try search for sure, but of course there's a list of topics in the FAQ. The first link in the section is the Dec 2018 megathread for mats.

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III.41 srotrakasayoh sambandha-samyamad divyam srotam

srotra: ear, organ of hearing; akasayoh: ether; sambandha: relationship; samyamat: by samayama; divyam: divine; srotam: hearing

By samyama on the relationship between the organ of hearing and the ether, divine hearing is attained. [Bryant Translation]

I’m going to include some of the commentary:

“Ether, akasa, in Sankhya thought, is the substratum of sound- sound vibrations require a medium in which to vibrate, and, by a process of elimination, the commentators argue that this substratum must be ether. In fact, ether is itself generated from the tammatra, or subtle element, of sound, so sound is both inherent in ether and conveyed through it. Ether is therefore considered to be present in the ear, such that it can pick up the vibrations of sound. Patanjali here states that by samyama on the relationship between ether and the ear, the yogi is able to surpass the limitations of the physical ear and access divine sounds, divyam srotam.

In conventional hearing, saying Bhoja Raja, hearing catches only the sounds that vibrate within the pocket of ether enclosed by the ear; however, since ether is all-pervading, and so potentially is the sattvic citta, the accomplished yogi’s citta is believed to be able to transcend identification with the body and expand out to access sound beyond the realm of normal hearing vibrating anywhere in the ether (citta, being subtler than ether, can pervade it).”

Questions for this week: Have any of you had any experiences with increased sense abilities related to your yoga practice? This could range from experiencing supernormal sense abilities, to feeling a general sense of expanded awareness of sound, touch, taste, etc…


I have run community choirs for nearly seven years now. I love it, it is wonderful work.

I trained up this year as a yoga teacher and have started combining Hatha yoga and the voice.

Through gentle Hatha I am trying to help people connect to their breath and voice. Its amazing! I am loving it so much.

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I did my first training in 2008 because I wanted to know more about how Yoga effects the organ systems, specifically the nervous system and it’s correlation to the nadis that I had heard about in a workshop. I was/am a nurse and had no intention of teaching when I did the training.

Only years later when I did my own research did I find my answers about how Yoga effects the organ systems. That information was only touched in a teacher training and was limited because I knew more anatomy and physiology than the one doing the teaching.

So if you have done or want to do a teacher training but have no interest in being a teacher, what are some of your reasons?


Hi friends, I’m looking for advice on yoga styles that are friendly for wrist injured folks—meaning, not based around sun salutations. I can do some, but a whole typical vinyasa class doesn’t work for me.

I really love Forrest yoga, which usually has a few rounds of suns to warm up but generally has much more dolphin than down-dog, and non-sun based standing pose series - but the studio near me is having issues and I’m needing to try other things.

Thanks much! 🙏

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I have a stressful day job and a friend recommended I try l-theanine. They said it helps them become fully present during their practice. Has anyone else used this to help with focus?

I can't help but become frustrated that I can't stop my mind from racing. I want to be in the present moment so badly!

Thank you all : )


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