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Welcome to r/zerocarb.

Our definition of zerocarb is a carnivorous diet. We only eat meat and animal products. We do not consume plants for nutrients or calories. Some animal products contain carbs (e.g. dairy), most of those are acceptable. Some plant products contain no carbs (e.g. plant oils), and those are generally not acceptable.

Are you interested in trying a carnivore/zerocarb way of eating? Do you have simple questions about it? You can ask here. Vegetarians and vegans can post in this thread without an automatic ban, so long as they are asking honest questions and not trying to promote plant-based diets or spread misinformation about the dangers of meat.

The term 'zerocarb' is historical and dates back to Owsley "The Bear" Stanley. While many members choose to also use other terms, like carnivore, we will always consider ourselves zerocarb.

If you are really interested in eating this way, you should read "The Fat of the Land" and "Bear's Words of Wisdom." They are both pinned to the top of the subreddit in the Free PDFs dropdown. These are considered required reading.

We do not have a reddit chat, but there is a place if you want a live chat: u/LogicalLynx runs it on discord:

Check the Let's Get Started: Beginner Questions and Answers FAQ Thread for how to get started.

This subreddit exists to:

  • provide information about the zerocarb way of eating

  • provide support for those eating zerocarb and those who want to try or are trying, to eat zerocarb

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Messiah to the Vegans
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What Should I Read First?

Obviously, this FAQ is a good start. Other recommended reading is The Fat of the Land (should be required reading), Bear's Words of Wisdom (also pretty important), and Strong Medicine (optional but has some good information). All three of those are available as PDFs from those links. They are listed in order of how beneficial they are. I have rarely seen a question that was not addressed in The Fat of the Land.

How Long Should I Try?

You should commit to a full 30 days and 100 individual meals, whichever is greater. During this time, absolutely no deviation or cheating allowed. If you cheat, or deviate, restart both counts.

Should I Slowly Reduce Carbs or Jump Right In?

Some of the other moderators here often will tell people to go do keto, paleo, or some other low-carb plan first. I don't agree with them. But, you can go try that. Your first day of zerocarb will not start until after you completely drop everything though. I say to just commit and get through it. Stefansson (The Fat of the Land) says the same thing.

Beginning the meat diet gradually, trying to make the change less painful, would be about as considerate as chopping a dog's tail off gradually, by inches. [. . .] I have seen to it, irrespective of this token hoarding, that the men changed abruptly from the mixed to the straight meat diet, the saved-up delicacies being strictly saved, never used in any tapering off process.

What Can't I Eat?

You can't eat anything that isn't from the animal kingdom. That means no plant foods, no artificial sweeteners (nothing sweet actually), no fiber supplements, no alcohol, and no plant oils/fats.

OK, What Can I Eat?

Haven’t cows been doing that for like, forever?

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Two years ago, I dealt with stress, anxiety, brain fog, and depression that severely disrupted my ability to enjoy my life. I was eating the standard American diet, replete with rice, avocado, cheese, yogurt, chicken, tofu, tomatoes, onions, the works. I eventually started taking anti-depressants, which helped. At this point I was 25 years old, and I had dealt with IBS since I was 16. Never found a solution or cause.

After several months on Zoloft, I decided I did not want to be on meds forever, and intuitively I knew that my constant bloating and other GI issues were a root cause of my neurological symptoms. So I began 16-8 intermittent fasting in January 2019, when I was 26 years old, and weaned off the Zoloft. The mental issues and GI issues diminished a bit, but were still there. I felt encouraged.

Next step was keto. I extracted the rice and grain from my diet, and found my anxiety markedly improved. GI issues improved a bit, but were still there. Keto provided a great opportunity to simplify my diet, making it much easier to identify connections between food and my body's responses. I ate a predominantly keto, veggie-rich, meat-rich diet from May until October of 2019. In October, in an effort to eat healthy, I incorporated a new batch of veggies into my diet: lightly cooked broccoli, cauliflower, and spinach. Suddenly, my constipation intensified more than it had in months and my mood worsened as a residual effect. It struck me: veggies cause issues to my stomach and mind.

I am now 27. For the past ten days or so, I have been carnivore, with more animal fat incorporated in my diet than I ever would have considered previously. I ate lunch about an hour ago, and as I sat down moments ago at my computer to do some homework, it struck me: I feel good. I feel calm. I can teach my 8th graders and not lose my train of thought mid-lesson. I can enjoy my Sundays without being plagued by anxiety all day. My brain feels clear, I am not bloated, and it seems as if my body and mind have more space. I'm not sure what dietary changes I'll make in the future, but zerocarb/carnivore is working well for me right now.


For the past couple weeks, I've been eating a OMAD elimination diet of beef and water: 12oz of ground beef, 4oz of liver, and 4oz of beef suet - all measured out exactly. The only supplement I take is vitamin D for lack of sun exposure. That's all I consume - for just under $4 a day at that!

So far the experiment is working well. I feel fantastic! But I have no cravings for food at all. Nothing even smells enticing anymore. And by the end of the day when I get home I'm just hungry enough to eat again - sometimes I even struggle to eat my OMAD.

Although this diet is working out and takes the hassle of having meals out of my day, I feel like I've lost one of life's simple pleasures. It's like losing your libido for food, which used to be fun. Now food has been reduced to sustenance. Does anybody else feel like a carnivore diet is boring?


I’m on my second day of carnivore (transitioning from keto)

First two days have been much more enjoyable and easier than expected. I’ve been doing this to deal with mood problems, digestive issues, for gut health, and to reduce the stress of thinking about what to eat.

I’m wondering how much people eat in a typical day and how your eating patterns have changed as you’ve transitioned into this way of living?

I’m 6’ feet tall (male) and currently weigh 155 pounds (and trying to gain weight, as I’ve been struggling to maintain my weight after losing 130 pounds gorging myself with veggies, nuts, and meat)

Today I ate a 14 ounce NY strip steak, 10 eggs, 1.35 pounds of ground beef, 8 slices of bacon (uncured), and 2 ounces of cheese, all cooked with unapologetic amounts of butter. Is it normal to consume this much at this stage?

I more or less ate to satiety, although I did force myself to eat a little extra ground beef and a couple extra eggs, as I’m trying to gain a little weight.


Peter Dobromylskyj is a veterinary anaesthetist and nutrition blogger, whose blog Hyperlipid is renowned in the low carb world.

Podcast at my Website and Apple Podcasts:

We talk about:

  • The “Optimal Diet”

  • The carnivore diet

  • The legendary “Proton” series of posts from Hyperlipid

  • Species appropriate diets for humans and other animals

  • And more!

Peter can be found at:

Blog –

Ally can be found at:

Twitter –

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Sep 30, 2010

Cake Day

A subreddit for carnivores --- people who eat only foods from the animal kingdom. "Remember, you can starve yourself thin; but, you will never starve yourself healthy." -- PartlyPaleo ***

What does r/zerocarb mean?

This subreddit is for people that eat only animal products such as meat, cheese, or eggs and eliminate all or nearly all plant products (no vegetables, no fruit, no nuts, no grains, no junk food, no sugar, no vegetable/seed oils).

Live your life how you want but this subreddit is for discussing living on animal source foods only. See the pinned post, "Read This Before Posting" for more details.

Here are some real life examples of how we define this from a recent survey done in 2019:

  • Meat and water.
  • Meat, cheese, eggs and water.
  • Meat and spices.
  • No plants.
  • Eat only meat, cheese, and eggs when you're hungry, usually twice a day and about 2 pounds total while avoiding fruits, vegetables, and nuts.
  • If it has a face, eat it
  • Eat only from animal world
  • Meat, fish and dairy
  • Perfect human diet
  • Animals only
  • Anything that had parents is fair game (plus coffee)
  • Nothing but meat
  • Eating products directly from animals such as meat offal eggs a little dairy
  • Anything from an animal is fair game to eat.
  • Everything you eat is from an animal. -A whole foods, animal based diet
  • Eat animal products.
  • Natural Diet
  • Animal foods only.
  • Optimum human nutrition
  • Simply meat
  • Meat + Dairy
  • Only animal products
  • Animal foods; I prioritise meat but don't exclude eggs & dairy.
  • No plants other than minimal spices.
  • Eating animal products - meat, eggs, seafood, dairy, etc.
  • I eat everything a vegan won't :D
  • Eating only animal products
  • Eating foods only from the animal

r/zerocarb Rules

No Unrepentant Vegans / Vegetarians
No Dangerous Diet Practices
No Abuse To Others
No Non-Zerocarb Advice or Discussions
No Self-Promotion or Low Effort Posts

Useful Texts

"Eat the meat you enjoy and can afford" - Charles Washington, founder of Zeroing In On Health

Don't bother posting about calorie tracking, CICO, TDEE calculations and such like. there are plenty of other places where you can discuss that and any posts about it will be removed from here. Eat the meat you like and can afford, and enjoy it to satiety when hungry.

None of us are doctors or pretending to be one on social media. Reddit is not a replacement for your doctor. Do not solicit or offer medical advice on this subreddit.

This is not a debate subreddit and off-topic discussions may be removed. We are not here to explain our lifestyle to vegetarians/vegans, CICOpaths and passers-by ... but if you are curious there's lots here for you to read and follow.

Posts with memes, rage comics, &c will be deleted. If you want to post that kind of thing, post it in /r/ketorage. Misinformation will also be deleted.

Please do not use bold formatting in your comments. Such comments will be deleted. If you must emphasize, use italics.

Answers to common objections:

"When all the top soil is gone, it really won’t matter what dietary pattern your children and their children follow because they’re all going to be screwed. Livestock, especially ruminants, are essential tools in rebuilding soils and soil health" --Dr. Sara Place

Red Meat and the Environment

What about vitamin C?

Fat is not bad for you

Is this a form of orthorexia?

The Vegetarian Myth.

You do not need fibre

The Fat of the Land by Stefansson

The Zeroing In On Health (ZIOH) Information Site

What is Zero-Carb? by Charles Washington

Amber's Advice on How To Get Started: Eat meat. Not too little. Mostly fat.

The Bear's Words of Wisdom (the original mega-thread)

Carnivore vs Omnivore vs Herbivore comparison chart

Other useful sites:

Read the FAQ.

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